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The Gallery: Girls

I have obviously lived in a cupboard oblivious to the outside world since I have only just discovered this great linky via Tara at Sticky Fingers.

So this being my first link up I do hope I have got it right!.

The theme for this week is girls and since being of the female variety myself I have included myself into this in order to show you some pictures of the Oliver girls.

While browsing for pictures this morning I have found I have to make a massive confession ….. there are barely any of Beth and I so I have pledged this morning that I will aim to resolve this in the future!

The Gallery Girls

This is my entry for Tara Cain’s ‘The Gallery’


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday 270113


Project 365 Week 4

project 365 wk4 1Project 365 wk4 2

Another busy busy week here at the Oliver’s Madhouse. Its been full of laughter, tears, snow and reading!

Sunday 20/1/13 – Saw the start of my weight increase this week (opps) but who couldn’t resist that bad boy?

Monday 21/1/13 – Crazy tea time with all 4 of us and some very strange conversations provided by our lovely Beth

Tuesday 22/1/13 – Joshua decided that he preferred being naked! (for most of the day)

Wednesday 23/1/13 – Reading is something that Joshua hasn’t shown much interest in however on Wednesday he spent quite some time with his books.

Thursday 24/1/13 – Joshua’s reading continues and even included Beth. She had to read all his books at least twice before he would let her go!

Friday 25/1/13 – Joshua and I went visiting my lovely friend Stacey and this picture was taken in Stacey’s gorgeous new house (Yes I am jealous Stacey, can I move in?)

Saturday 26/1/13 – This is a picture of Jim and the Oliver snowman (although spot Jim’s contribution!)


My Weight Loss Journey Week 3 of 2013

After last year’s weight loss of 4 stone and my 2 previous weeks of successful weight loss I have felt rather elated over the whole thing .. yep strange I know!

Then the snow hit and it has continued to plague my fitness efforts this week by causing all Hockey training to be cancelled and has stopped me getting out walking properly with my pushchair.

Then to top it off I have now succumbed to Tonsillitis, although it has not completely taken hold like it has in the past, I have to say I am not feeling very sprightly. Needless to say I have not been as good as I should have been ……….

Ok I lied ….

I have eaten crap!

Firstly this fellow:

Weigh Loss wk3

I am bad I know and I have no excuse, however this was the most amazing thing EVER!

So my exercise targets for last week were:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks … again!
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • No Hockey match … so just get my bum from the sofa!!

So a big fat fail for me on the exercise front, so how have I done

+ 0.7lbs, yep that’s right I have gained

I am not going to stress over it but I am starting the next week how I mean to go on and praying that my husband does not bring home boxes of Jaffa cakes from work … again!!

Total Weight Loss This Year (minus my gain this week):


Total Loss (including last year)

4 Stone 6lbs

Next Week’s Exercise:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • No Hockey match on Saturday so get out for a long walk on Sunday

Having found the fab Kate from Naked Mum who is also on a weight loss journey I am linking up here so I can gain encouragement from others who are also on this long journey and also to spread some support to others.

1 bad week will not scupper me!


Fun Photo Fun – Hoovers

This week my little mans obsession with Hoovers has taken on an all new level of obsessive as he proceeded to take his everywhere. He has been able to say hoover for quite some time now but now he is calling everything a hoover!

Fun P Fun

He had a second hand hoover last year but it was so dilapidated we got rid as it was dropping bits of plastic everywhere, However he was very lucky as he got this new one from his Effie and Grandad for Christmas.

Since Christmas he has played with it quite regularly although this week he has played with nothing else!

The moment I go into the cupboard under the stairs he presumes I will be getting the hoover out and runs off to get his!

If I actually start hoovering he is over the moon as he can hoover too! although My feet are battered as he tends to run over my feet or basically just bashes them to bits!


I hope he keeps his cleaning obsession up as he grows! (nudge nudge Daddy, you could learn from your son!)

I am once again linking up with the lovely Charlotte from The Crumby Mummy for her fab linky Fun Photo Fun.


The Long Journey Ahead


After recent pre-teen hormones and added issues with Beth (When 4 Became 3 & When 4 Became 3 an Update)  it was nice that over Christmas we got to spend some quality time together. Don’t get me wrong we had some real hum dingers of arguments but all in all we got some time together which was much needed.

I think I need to remember that although she is 11 going on 12 she is still a child (even if she would never admit it!) I do love her with every breath in my body but by god she can be hard work.

I must endeavour to take a very deep breath when things get difficult between us as she has many issues to deal with, some with me and others with her dad (I will blog about this tomorrow)

*mental note made*   –    BREATH!

BETH – We have a very long journey ahead and I am proud to stand with you and be here when you need me.



Meme – Christmas


I have just been tagged by the amazing Nichola from over at F.A.B at Forty  to carry on the Christmas themed Meme.

As most of you know I bloody love Christmas so I couldn’t wait to start on this one!

Since we haven’t yet got our decorations up I need no excuses to partake in anything Christmassy!

So here goes…..

What is your favourite thing about Xmas?

For me it has to be several things, I love the lights and decorations, the nice food and films. However my most favorite thing is spending more quality time with my family and friends.

Whats your favourite make up look for the season?

I love smoky heavy makeup and before having children I would never be seen without heavy makeup. Although these days I barely have time to make sure I have eyebrows (years of over plucking is never good!)

Real or Fake tree?

I would absolutely LOVE to have a real tree they smell so fantastic!, but since I am a little OCD on the cleaning front I just know I would be having palpitation’s  every time a needle dropped and I would be afraid that all the extra vacuuming might just wear my poor old dyson out!

So having said I love real trees as you can guess we have a fake tree! (Less mess)

Giving or receiving presents?

I am a giver, I absolutely love buying and wrapping gifts although as some of you may know from my post 53 Days till Christmas  I am one of those annoyingly organised people who have completed their Christmas shopping weeks months before the big day.

What is your favourite Xmas film?

It’s not really a conventional  Christmas one but it is set at Christmas time – ‘The Family Stone’ it’s about a family who come together as adults and all the cock up and fighting and falling out that really happens at Christmas …. Love it!

I do also have to admit I do love the ‘Snowman’ too and already can’t wait for the 2nd one premiering on Christmas Eve ‘The Snowman and The Snow Dog’

What’s your favourite Xmas food?

TURKEY! It’s one of my all-time favs and I can’t believe we don’t have it more often! This year we are off out for lunch and much to Ollie’s annoyance I have still bought a MASSIVE turkey, which I intend to cook on Christmas Eve and then spend the next 4 days picking at it. I love making a cob out of it and one of my favourite concoctions from last year is a fresh cob, turkey, cheese and salad cream.

So having answered, I am going to pass it on to some of my lovely blogging chums:

Leyla @ This Day I Love

Ember @ Purple Crazy Mum’s Blog

Emma @ The Cycling Mummy

Kamelia @ Parenting With Purpose

Vickie @ 29 Year Old Mama


More Pictures Needed!

I recently read someones blog post about the fact lots of Mummies have very limited pictures of them with their child/ren as they seem to be the ones taking the pictures.

Having digested this I think that’s certainly the case in this crazy madhouse! So I will be making a pledge to take more pictures of me and my children.

So here’s a few to get me going, me minus the makeup and nicely coiffed hair …

So come on Mummies (& Daddies) lets see the real you and lots more pictures regardless of the state you feel or the baby milk dripping down your wrinkled top!


Its Never to Late to Learn


Over this last few months my brain has been whirring and I have been feeling restless.

Those of you that know me will know this is what I do, after periods of time non learning I get the itch to better myself and end up back at college. This particular restlessness started when my daughter was about a year old when I returned to college to complete several courses at once and finally get my butt moving on some sort of career.

When I left school after my GCSE’s I wanted to work with children and went off to college to gain an NNEB in childcare. After completing I went off to work in a private day nursery and within 6 months I hated the job, I hated working with children and I hated the staff … rapid departure …

After my complete turnaround I found myself in some very random jobs, bingo calling, cellophane packer of Christmas gifts and packing razor blades to name but a few ..

I then found myself pregnant with my daughter and was still unaware of where my life was going. After finding myself single when Beth was 6 months old I had to take stock and knew I needed to get something better for Beth and myself. So I completed the following:

  • OCR Clait
  • OCR Initial Text Processing
  • OCR Intermediate Text Processing (level 2)
  • OCR Intermediate Word Processing (level 2)
  • OCR Intermediate Audio Transcription (level 2)
  • OCR Intermediate Mail Merge (level 2)
  • OCR Intermediate Business Presentation (level 2)
  • OCR Clait Plus – Presentation Graphics
  • OCR Advanced Document Presentation (level 3)
  • OCR Advanced Text Processing (level 3)
  • ILEX Advanced Legal Word Processing (level 3)
  • ILEX Advanced Communication Skills
  • ILEX Advanced Legal Administration
  • ILEX Legal Secretaries Diploma

Yay, check me out!

Now after settling down working for a local hospital I got the restlessness again in 2010 and went off to do something else..

  • ILM Certificate in Team Leading

Then after the initial excitement died once again and the restlessness returned I went back to college 5 months pregnant with Joshua and completed (with only 4 weeks missed after his birth)..

  • CIPD – Certificate in Human Resources Practice

Now it won’t surprise any of you now that I have the urge once again to do something so this week I have had my phone interview and been accepted on a course I start in January …

  • ILM – Level 3 Leadership & Management (all 3 parts)

Who knows why I feel the itch but the longer I stay away from the external work place the more world domination is likely.


When 4 Became 3 An Update …


Firstly I have to say thank you so much to all my lovely followers that commented on my recent post ‘When 4 became 3’. As this was such an emotional time for me I felt I wanted to post about this even though when I set my blog up I didn’t intend to pour my heart out, I did feel that there are others out there that may benefit from feeling they weren’t alone.

I have to report that Bethany is back home with us (Although her dad has told her its only for a few weeks to see how it goes) She has now returned to school and we have all sobbed buckets.

Bethany has told us not only does she feel angry most of the time she doesn’t know why, she also says she misses her dad and wants to see him more. (Since April he confirmed her will spend more time with her than the 2 days a fortnight … it’s never happened)

I have I think rightly or wrongly got the ball rolling with hopefully some support for Bethany and for us as a family to work out the problems we have.  We have requested help and should be getting the help we need soon.

I can’t tell you all how pleased I am that Bethany is home and that we can now sort things out. Although right now I am feeling very disheartened about the fact I contacted our GP and school about the problems we were having a month ago and I am still waiting for the school to fill in the relevant form to get us some support…. I will NOT give up!


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