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MAM Baby Cutlery

Over recent months we have just about tried every weaning and self-feeding article currently on the market and to no avail our little man is a lazy feeder…

We have struggled with him wanting to attempt to self-feed using utensils of any kind and at 18-19 months he really needs to tackle this skill!

So when the lovely people over at MAM asked me to review their new feeding cutlery I jumped at the chance (and also did a celebratory jig!) I have to say that I have never tried MAM feeding or weaning products (shockingly) and If I am honest I am not sure why since we used MAM’s feeding bottles with our son  and loved them and he even still has his milk in one before bed!

Below is the full low down of the product from MAM regarding their new feeding line:

Created in conjunction with developmental experts, the new collection incorporates several design elements that make feeding a more enjoyable experience for parents and baby alike, either at home or on-the-go.

MAM’s innovative cutlery is the right size and shape for a toddler’s small hands. Ideal for babies who are ready to feed themselves, the fork, spoon and knife are functional and safe for little ones. Structured rubber surfaces make the handles easy to grasp; the knife is slightly serrated for baby to safely learn to cut, and the fork’s prongs are sharp enough to safely pick up solid food without risk of injury.

Now I like to be fair when we carry out our reviews so we have been using this cutlery for every meal time for nearly a month and I cleared the cutlery drawer out of all the old sets that he didn’t seem to like to make way for the funky set sent over for us to try! 

Ok so on using this cutlery I have to point out some things I noticed, the shape, we have not seen cutlery this shape before and if I am honest I thought they looked good and Joshua seems to hold them with ease.  The prongs on the fork are nice and chunky (although not too chunky that they don’t spear his food) he seems to easily pick up an array of food with the fork and it actually stays there.

The knife I have to admit he throws on the floor and even after continued cajoling he just gets rid of it, however he is really getting good with his fork and spoon and what’s more is he works most of the time with one in each hand (this is progress as before it was either all hand feeding or just a spoon)

I have found that there seems to be less mess down the sides of his highchair between him and the seat and I think this is  due to the fact he can scoop his food either from the fork or the spoon and the food seems to balance well on them. Don’t get me wrong there is still some little bits that drop however previously his highchair seat tended to become the storage ground for enough food to feed a small village, so 6 peas and a chip or a few bits of carrot is a bonus  as my inner OCD clean freak normally has palpitations at meal times!

Now is it just me? … all my other baby/toddler utensils normally after their first run in with spag bol end up turning orange, however we have had the pesky spag bol and several other orangey/red coloured meals of the last month and so far the cutlery is still green and no staining is yet present.

My overall impression of this range is great; Joshua seems to have taken to them with ease, there is less mess in the Oliver kitchen and the highchair, they still look in great condition even after constant use and the price at approx. £5.99 is more than reasonable…. My only personal not complaint but my request would be … I would love them to come in a storage container so you can find them in the bottom of your bag when out and about!

Now the blonde Oliver has realised MAM have feeding utensils (doh I am silly) I will keep my eye out to try other bits from their new range.

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