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MAM Baby Bowl & Plate Set

Mam Review

When I was approached once again by the lovely people at MAM about reviewing their Baby Bowl and Plate set I was certainly excited. As some of you will already know I reviewed their baby cutlery a short while ago and they got a big fat thumbs up from the Oliver’s. If you haven’t read it you can find it HERE.

When the bowl and plate set arrived I was more than pleasantly surprised that once again they seem to be of exceptional quality and they looked funky too!

The first day I decided to go with an all-out test. As most of us parents know most baby food containers and utensils can be marked very easily with strong coloured foods, so on the first night we had Lasagne! And nope no orange staining!

Top marks on that front MAM!

We love the option of separating the bowl from the plate so we can use them individually if required, it’s like having 2 for the price of one!

I do love the plate the turned up edges have helped Joshua while trying to scoop his food onto his cutlery without it dropping onto the table. The anti-slip bottom on the plate has also been super handy to help him in keep control of his food and stop it slipping onto the floor! Bonus for me as we all know I have OCD tendencies!

MAM Review Bowl & Plate

After eating every meal with this set this week there is no staining what so ever, my plastics drawer has now  decreased in size drastically as I have thrown out no end of rubbish bowls and plates and we intend to keep using the MAM bowl and plate set. I will even purchasing a second set in the near future so I can stop with what works and completely get rid of the rest.

The bowl and plate are a lovely size and very realistic on the portion sizes as others I have come across can be on the large size. This makes them not only bulky but also makes it very easy for me to over estimate how much I should be giving him (Then get upset when the poor mite cant eat it all!)

The bowl and plate set along with the cutlery set I reviewed previously come in several colours: Blue, Pink and Green and can be found HERE  to purchase.

Price wise this set should retails around the £7.50 mark, which yes is a little more than some other brands however having had in the region of 10 plate/bowl combos that have gone in the bin I would say it’s more than reasonably priced

All items from this new feeding collection are BPA-, PVC-, and lead-free and dishwasher safe. So will slot into every household… although my dishwasher is called Ollie!

I would not hesitate to recommend this set to others on the weaning/self-feeding route.

Should you wish to contact the Team over at MAM you can find them over on Facebook and Twitter too!


Disclaimer: I was given this product to review, all opinions are my own and were independently formed. 

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