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Britax B-Agile 3 Pushchair


A few months ago I was very fortunate to find out about Pushchair Trader which is the UK’s number one location for everything Pushchair. You can read reviews, take part in reviews, search the classifieds or sell your used pushchair, they also have a shop in which you can purchase almost anything pushchair related.

I after several months I applied to review several product and was unsuccessful  until October time when I received an amazing call from the Pushchair Trader team to say my application to review Britax B-Agile 3 had been successful! … yay go me!

Pushchair Traders reviews slightly differ to the standard use it a few time method which seems to be applied frequently elsewhere. There reviews are called ‘Living With’ reviews and they are carried out several times per week over a set duration. For the Britax B-Agile 3 I am reviewing over a period of 6 months and you can read the review so far HERE (still a few months remaining). However I wanted to take the opportunity now to let you know my thoughts on this Pushchair.

Now having not actually used a 3 wheel pushchair previously I was quite looking forward to seeing how it handled. When Beth was born in 2001 I took and instant dislike to 3 wheel pushchairs as they seemed so bulky and cumbersome and so never used one or considered one this time round with Joshua so I was really looking forward to it!

On opening the box I found that the pushchair came in 5 pieces: seat unit, hood & 3 separate wheels.  The instructions were included but they didn’t give much detail on the putting together (I wanted to check so I didn’t break anything) having said that all 3 wheels just pop on and the hood clips in .. simple!

The fold mechanism is something that is not every day and I did wonder how I would get on with it however again its very simple. Push in the button located on the side and then pull the handle located in the seat of the pushchair and then the whole thing folds in on itself! .. Ingenious.

This means that although this pushchair is a very roomy when folded it really does not take up as much room as a full pram. Removing the wheels is also a good feature as this also helps compact the size a fraction more! This feature I found to also be a god send when getting the dreaded dog poo on the wheels you could pop them off and not cover the house, car or pushchair! (Please note that these wheels are not air filled so they make it far easier in my opinion to get out and about without punctures! (the front wheel is also lockable)

This pushchair had many other nifty features like  the very large zipped pocket in the hood which can either hold the raincover or fit in nappies, wipes, purse ,phone and other essentials.There is also an adjustable hood which you can unzip to drop forward to stop the sun getting in your little ones eyes! (bye bye fiddly parasols!) And the hood apron also zips off at the back to allow more air flow through the pushchair in the hotter weather. There is the standard viewing window built into the hood too which is a bonus allowing you to keep an eye on your little one. The shopping basket is on first glance quite small however this weekend I have fitted in 8 pints of milk, a loaf of bread, a multipack of crisps and 2 packs of ham … so it’s more than reasonable!

Britax bagile

This pushchair can be used as a travel system as included were Click & Go detachable adapters which can be used to attach the Britax Baby-Safe infant carrier as well as the Britax Baby-Safe Sleeper or carrycot, although with Joshua being nearly 22 months I did not have need to try these other items out. I did however check with Britax direct as the only material I found on the internet showed the seat still in situ with the use of the car seat and the carrycot (something I hate) however Britax did tell me you could remove the seat and use carrycot and car seat with just the chassis.

With this pushchair there are many other accessories you can buy separately  as opposed to only having what came as standard such as:

  • Play Tray
  • Soft Carrycot
  • Changing Bag
  • Travel Bag
  • Pushchair Organiser
  • Bumper Bar
  • Carry Cot
  • Cosy Toes

In my opinion it’s a shame that the handle height is not adjustable however I am 5ft and I push with no problems, my hubby who is 5ft 10 also has no problems pushing this bad boy round either! We do both love the maneuverability its amazing! It is by far the easiest pushchair I have ever pushed! (and I have had far too many)

There are only a couple of small niggles, the first being the harnesses although Joshua is nearing 22 months and this pushchair can be used to age 4 years,  when using the Britax cosy toes the harness  is quite tight! So for a bigger child you wouldn’t in my opinion be able to use the pushchair with the Britax cosy toes.

The only  other negative I have found is the rain cover, it is an all over cover (which I hate anyway) but it just doesn’t seem to fit! The seams of the rain cover do not follow the seams of the pushchair hood which makes it look rubbish. The rain cover also seems to have an awful lot of plastic at the front that sticks out…. No one wants a vacuum packed child but it’s a little extreme! The only saving grace is I don’t have to use it all the time!

Overall we love this pushchair and I wish I had found this while pregnant with Joshua as this would have been my only pushchair with him! Top marks Britax!

Please feel free to pop over the the Pushchair Trader site to view the full blow by blow account of using this Pushchair HERE

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  1. […] To be fair I was gobsmacked at being picked but I have to say I love it!! Let’s be honest who doesn’t love being honest about a new product?? I have now added a smaller version of this review direct to my site which you can find HERE. […]

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