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Ranty Friday – Some Companies

ranty friday - some companies

Right hands up in the air … yes I am a fairly new blogger…

This does not make me stupid nor an idiot, what it does mean is I am eager to learn all about the crazy complex world in which I now find myself.

I have been very kindly asked over the last 3 nearly 4 months to participate in reviewing some items and I have been then given them to keep. Great stuff who doesn’t like being honest and get to keep stuff!

The companies I have dealt with up until now and the ones I am dealing with currently I need to point out have been absolutely amazing and I do have to say that this rant does not in any way represent them.

They have understood the need to ensure the product is relevant to my family, they have allowed me to carry out the review to fit into my time frame and have not grumbled once when I have attached  negatives to the product or item I have reviewed for them, as lets face it you come to me you get an honest review.

My problem lies with companies which have contacted me out of the blue with  no idea at what my blog is about or the content in which I post on there.

The ones that I am talking about today send mass generated emails and expect a response, Why should  we respond when you obviously do not have any idea about what target market you’re aiming for as each and every blog is very different.

When you do make contact please be aware of what you’re wanting from me and my blog as my time is equally as precious as yours and I do not want to have to have a multiple email conversation in which I finally find out what you’re requiring.

Please take the time to find out what ages my children are so you don’t feel a little stupid when your asking me to review some newborn item in pink when in fact my daughter is nearly 12.

Until then Companies please please just treat us with some respect and honesty, to many of us our blogs are an extension to our families. We love you guys and will help but only if respected!

…. And remember I maybe fairly new now but one day maybe my blog will compete for world domination! …


A Lovely Meeting Followed By Crap ..

Dog Poo Bin

Yesterday started off so lovely, I finally got to meet another one of my lovely blogging chums the fantastic Sarah from The Puffin Diaries. We visited a lovely pub halfway between each of us. It was so lovely to meet someone I regularly have contact with in real life.

Poor Sarah had no secrets as Joshua fell in love with her bag and continually emptied the entire contents on the floor and played with her compact! .. sorry Sarah.

After a spot of lunch we ventured into the garden to find it not only muddy but also covered in dog poo. No word of a lie the entire area was covered! Needless to say toddlers and dog poo just don’t mix!

After trying to get my distraught toddler into the pushchair so I could remove his mud and poo encrusted shoes disaster struck and not only did the pushchair cosy toes get swiped with a flailing limb so did my jeans leg!

Oh the joys …

Had I not of had such a lovely lunch with Sarah beforehand I may of just silently wept; however baby wipes bore the brunt of the clean-up operation before it was time to leave.

On returning home I stripped Joshua in the doorway and followed with a strip down of my own. While busying myself with the offensive articles and the washing machine Joshua was flitting between the living room and the kitchen. When I turned round I noticed his pull up had slipped off and was lying dejected on the kitchen floor.

So off I went to collect a new pull up from the living room draw when realisation dawned …….poo

Yep after his pull up had dropped off he had wondered into the living room and had obviously done a jig while letting it all hang free mid poo!

I shed a small tear ..

Thank the lord I was in a calm and happy mood from meeting my friend or I would of crumpled into ball and howled like a wolf.

After some serious cleaning equipment and time my living room looked as good as new

I hope today is not going to be as eventful in the poo department!


Ranty Friday – Dearest Laptop

ranty friday laptop

We have been pals for quite some time; however I think that our separation is neigh. You have seen me through 5 separate college courses, 2 jobs, 3 house moves, the birth of my son a divorce and a marriage.

You have worked your little transformer-ed butt off, but now:


Your consistently burning hot fan is almost setting me alight. Your broken speakers and cracked back plate just wind me up!!

You are just so naughty, if you’re not burning my skin, sitting in silence, turning yourself off or closing down at will …….your being repaired.

After 6 years of service, 7 repairs, 1 new mother board and 3 fans replacements, why oh why can’t the laptop insurance not just write you off??

You are not top of the range nor are you effective for 80% of the time and you’re independently responsible I am sure for 5% of PC Worlds carbon footprint! With all this fetching and carrying!

Laptop, PC World has received my monthly payments diligently for all these years .. I have now spent triple the amount on insurance payments than what you originally cost!

I dread the next trip to PC World as I will be once again left with no laptop for 3 weeks. This is why I put up with the burning of my skin, broken speakers and faulty screen along with your selfishness at turning yourself off.

Please just keel over gracefully and irreparably it will save us both the pain and heartache of your extended demise.

Eternally grateful


P.s I have now backed up so anytime you’re ready is great with me!

Once again linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for her Ranty Friday Linky


No Apple for My Teacher


As some of you will know from one of my previous post (you can read HERE)  I was returning to college this January.

My first lesson was last Tuesday and I really enjoyed it, I even relished the first assignment which was handed out (sad I know)

The course itself (ILM – Leadership & Management) is made up of 3 individual mini courses consisting of  3 hours per week for ten weeks for each unit which could be run one after another to get the main qualification (minimum of 2 units needed) or you can take on of the individual units to get a smaller qualification.

On arriving last week we were told that due to there only being 5 of us the original 30 hours (3hrs x10 weeks) was going to be cut down to 2 hours per week effectively slashing the course  the first section of the course time by a third!

Needless to say I was not impressed since this first 10 weeks had cost me £435 and there was going to be no price reduction!

Still smarting from the bomb shell of the cost and the time reduction I was going to go last night and get my head into gear and smash this course and flounce off with my qualification in triumph ….. that never happened.

My tutor (who is a lovely lady) called me 2 hours before I set off to say the college had cancelled the course as there were not enough people to fund it … I am gutted!

Even though I seem to be so super busy at the moment I was really really looking forward to the first assignment! (I really am that sad!)

So last night I started to look at where  I actually wanted to go career wise and I have decided I want world domination to do a degree I am not sure exactly which one but one based in the Human Resources/Management area would be good.

I also have to look at the financial aspect and options of do I defer payment of the course by taking a student loan or apply for scholarships … I really am floundering around like a rather large version of Nemo and I need to focus and make a million phone call.

If anyone has any experience of any Open University courses please let me know how you got on and is it achievable?

Or am I really the maddest of us all in this Madhouse?


Ranty Friday – Nasty Neighbours

It’s that time of the week again where I am linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for the Ranty Friday post, this week it’s nasty neighbours!


First off I would like to say that I DO NOT have anything personally against my neighbours (joined on) I also think they seem to be lovely people from what I know of them!

I also have no problems with dogs!

Having said that however  …… next doors dogs consistent barking  … IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!

Almost 2 years ago we got new neighbours when the previous neighbours sold and moved. From the beginning our new neighbours were lovely, chatting on the front and passing smiles and hellos while out there. I am personally not a neighbouring type person (you know the ones, in and out of each other’s houses like they lived there) so to pass pleasantries on the garden was nice with no pressure.

After the first few weeks it became obvious we were going to have an issue. Both parties next door worked full time and they had 3 large dogs, which for whatever reason once left alone for duration of time kick off and spend the remainder of their time alone barking.

Now over the time since they have moved in I have spoken twice to her and once to her eldest son about the noise and I have been told they don’t think this is a problem as they have spoken to the couple on the opposite side to them and they have said they can’t really hear anything. I am guessing not since there are 2 lots of walls, a fence and 2 paths between, however there is only one party wall between us.

Things got worse still when my neighbours (joined on) decided to start leaving their dogs on a Saturday morning and then not return home until Sunday afternoons, the barking was incessant. I am not sure if someone was supposed to be going around to see to them however we never saw anyone and from what we could see they were left  on their own for the duration.

Those weekends were absolutely horrific, they never stopped. Joshua who has always slept through was being woken as was Beth who was on the other side of the house! We were stuck, no one in to complain to so we were having to listen to them for hours and hours!

At this point we couldn’t cope anymore, we had told them how we were being affected and 3-4 hours at a time during the day is bad enough but through the whole weekend too was intolerable.

We contacted the local council, who were very sympathetic and told us they would monitor the noise however once the neighbours realised we had made it official all the other neighbours were saying that there wasn’t ever a problem and I was the problem.

Since moving in originally over 3 years ago things changed with the other 2 neighbours on the street as they were all over me when I moved in and then when I was not forthcoming with the coffee and unlocked door they have taken it upon themselves to intimidate and bully me even  telling the neighbours next door I am evil and I am out of order (as you can imagine it’s a joy to live on this street at the moment!)

We still even now have dogs bark 4 out of 7 days for hours at a time and they are still driving us to despair the only improvement is they have now stopped leaving them for the weekend, however they still bark everyday they are work.

Since starting the original complaint with the council I am now being bullied by my neighbour on the other side (who was all over my originally when I moved in) who has taken to verbally attacking me, swearing at me in front of my children, visitors and their children.

Some people need to get a grip, I will be sociable but not to the extent you know everything about me we are neighbours not best friends.

I do not deserve to be treated appallingly by vendettas over something that didn’t involve you in the first place.

Strange that the neighbours with the barking dogs are still polite on bumping into us and have been from the beginning, however the rest are vindictive, nasty or verbally aggressive.

I suppose you can choose your house … just not your neighbours!

The picture above was taken from Zoopla’s Blog who has a great blog post about neighbours why not pop over and read some more (HERE)


Ranty Friday – Dr’s Appointments

It’s that time of the week again where I am linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for the Ranty Friday post and by god it couldn’t have come at a better time!

It actually started last week as my little man suffers with eczema and has regular flare ups at the backs of his knees and the crooks of his elbows.  Up until this point we have always been able to control it so it hasn’t really affected him greatly. This time it has been so bad he has scratched till he was bleeding little rivers!

So last week I booked him an appointment with our local GP and off we went (to even get an appointment is a bonus) Joshua’s appointment was for 10.10am and we arrived at 10.05am. Now the first 15 minutes over our allocated time slot he was starting to agitated and was beginning to get louder  … by 40 minutes late  he was terrorising the other patients and his behaviour  ranged from giving them a cuddle to trying to steal the magazine’s they were reading.

By the time Joshua went in to his appointment 55 minutes late, to say I was stressed would be an understatement and as the Dr is so nice it made it a whole lot harder!

I had to take him back this week so the Dr could see how his eczema was doing. I was nervous about the possibility of the Dr Over running his appointment time again.. could he?? .. it seemed he could!



45 minutes late this time! During this time Joshua threw the toys across the waiting area, too many times to count, ripped 6 magazines, pulled another toddlers boot off, slide up and down the seats like a slide over 100 times, knocked on 4 different Dr’s doors, threw himself on the floor in a fit of rage a dozen times and then finally after strapping him back into the pushchair we were called in, to be greeted with I knew you must be here as Joshua is my last patient and I could hear him outside…..


Yes my son was loud and boisterous and thoroughly pissed off, he was due for his sleep at 12.30 and wasn’t seen on time which meant he was beyond fed up!

Why do we bother fighting to get an appointment in the first place only to be made to wait an excessively long time to see the Dr! thank god my step dad is a Pharmacist so don’t go to the Dr’s that often as any minor ailment we head to our local Chemists for help!

Yes you are Dr’s that does not mean you time is more precious than mine; it does not mean you can be rude to us for our children losing the will to live and becoming frustrated.

No doubt if we were all late for our appointments with you, you would be pissed off!

So please please please stop treating us like idiots and treat us with a little more respect.



Ranty Friday – Garages


Today I am linking up for the first time with lovely Mummy Barrow on her Ranty Friday blog hop and I have to be honest after discovering this blog hop over the weekend I have been looking forward to it all week!! (How sad am I, however who doesn’t like a good old moan!)

So without further ado my rant this week is based on Garages!

This week we have had one of our cars in for a service and MOT and this garage has up till now been great, however I am not sure if its complacency or not but they carried out work to put it through the MOT without asking first. (who do they think they are??)

I know this to some of you may sound petty, however with only my hubby working we are really careful with our money and we budget! needless to say i was very pissed off!

When all said and done we would have had the work done but it’s the fact that when they return the car with your bill we had not been expecting anything other than the standard service and MOT cost as we had heard nothing all day about any extra work It’s like a slap in the face!

Please garages please ask first and don’t presume as we have a bottomless money pit in order to pay as you would soon be moaning if we couldn’t pay and you had done it off your own back!


Meme – My Top Five Rant Inducers of the Moment

soap box

After an atrociously bad week here at the Oliver’s Mad House including bumping my car, chipped windscreens, temper tantrums (from all 4 of us) to much to do and not enough hours and all the while remaining calm and with a permanently plastered on smile (through gritted teeth) my blogging Chum Suzanne from 3 Children and It sent me a blogging Meme that could not of come at a better time! … My Top Five Rant Inducers of the Moment!

Soap box here I come ….

1. Parent & Child Parking: This is my all-time goat getter!

As some of you may know since early in my pregnancy with Joshua I developed Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) it affects everything I do and I take medication daily to control the pain. Some things are made incredibly hard with this condition like picking things up and moving things (yes I am referring to my small child)

Why oh why do the lazy sods with no children think it is there god given privilege to park in these bays? Why is there need greater than mine? They are in fact designated to help parents with small children get easier access to their child due to the restrictive nature of car seats.

My ball breaker of a rant in all honesty has to be the disabled badge holders that even when there are free disabled spaces they park in parent and child bays anyway!  On one such occasion I felt brave and asked this person why they had taken the only parent and child bay when there were 6 disabled bays left that I couldn’t park in, I was told ‘ I have a blue badge I can park anywhere I like’

Hence my number one!

2. Smug Facebook Status’s & Claims from the Parenting Perfect

I am sure we have all seen them, they are the ones that update their status every 36 minutes with the perfect things their hubby, child and extended family are up too and how much they couldn’t live without them … but really who are they trying to kid??

Yes every now and again it’s nice to appreciate ones loved ones but does it have to go on Facebook and does their 1 year old really read them? And surly if they were all so damn perfect you would want to spend your time with them not sit on Facebook 24/7 playing games?? .. Maybe it’s just me? I will happily keep my crazy mixed up bunch over that any day, we have nothing to prove!
3. Cold Callers – Sod off ……. Its that simple, did I call you? No … then sod off

I have discovered recently after having been inundated with several each day through my mobile and home phone the quickest way to get rid is:

“ we are bankrupt and we private rent” saying this usually get them gone without any further utterance!
We now barely get any much to my delight.

4. Dog Poo – I push a pushchair so it has to be on my list!

Ok so I can’t blame the dogs but I can blame the owners, pick it bloody up!! Not only is it revolting and time consuming to clean down from pushchairs and shoes it can pass on infections and diseases to those who have poor immune systems or our little tots. You choose to have a dog so you HAVE to pick up its mess.

Cats are bad enough going anywhere they please but as dogs are not supposed to be just roaming you have no excuse to not pick it up … you are there!

5. Hypochondriacs – Bizarre I know .. 

I just don’t have the time for them, we all are full of ailments and issues but do we really have to make a mountain over a molehill … yes you have a head ache … that does not mean your suffering from a migraine … nor dying … nor does it mean you have to present yourself 3 times a week at the Drs to be told the same thing as every test on god’s green earth has been completed and come back with nothing for the last few years…..

Now I am hoping I will still have some followers and blogging chums left, so I am passing this one over now for some other fine blogging chums to vent.

Charlotte from: The Crumby Mummy                Sarah from: The Puffin Diaries
Leyla from: This Day I Love                                    Ember from: Purple Crazymum
Karen from: Women Wife and Mum


The end is neigh! …. sorry scratch that I am a women with a cold not a man!

The end is neigh! .... sorry scratch that I am a women with a cold not a man!

That’s it i have gone down with the dreaded cold, however i think this actually may be flu as my head is throbbing and ache like you wouldn’t believe! I will remain in my fat pants for the remainder of the day in the hopes that my men folk will take pity on me and do the cooking/cleaning (or in Joshua’s case eat anything that moves and play with his little dyson!)


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