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The Oliver’s Reasons to Be Cheerful


This is the first time I have joined in this fantastic linky and after recent up’s and down’s I thought it was about time we looked at the reasons we should be cheerful.

1)  As some of you know Beth recently has had lots off issues and one of those has been  ongoing bullying taking place at school. Now we are cheerful this week as it seems this has turned a corner and school have been on ball and are tackling this head on.

2)  The Hubby (Ollie) and I are hatching  a plan of an adult outing to the pictures to spend some quality time together, If we are lucky we may even get to eat out too!

3)  We have a family Christening to attend on Sunday and we a looking forward to seeing some family we haven’t seen for a while.


Never Move A Sleeping Toddler


Yes I am one of those annoying parents that have been totally totally lucky. Joshua has been an amazing sleeper from a mere 5 weeks old.

Every evening my little man brushes his teeth and treks up the stairs to go and give loves to Ted (his teddy) Largely he is in bed fast sleep by 7.30 pm for a good 11-12 hours.

Ok so this last couple of weeks Joshua, Beth and I have been totally bunged up with snot, this as we all know can make it quite difficult to breath. Having said that I have added a pillow into his cot to raise him slightly which has helped.

In my wisdom at 12.30 am on Saturday morning when on route to bed I decided that I ought to remove the pillow as its no longer needed.

Joshua was not actually using the pillow however when I very quietly took it out he shot up in his cot and began to cry. *go Jaime you numpty*

After settling him back down the only thing way he would stop crying is if I laid on the floor and held his hand through the cot bars.

Nearly an hour passes and I am seriously in pain with my PSD and my eyes are hurting as I am so tired … Joshua on the other hand is wide awake and muttering.

After taking all the pain I could, I shipped in Ollie for his stint on the floor holding hands … several hours pass and the boys remain locked in a marathon hand holding session when Joshua finally drops off.

All those Mummies and Daddies out there that have a tot that wakes frequently in the night you are all my heros! you are far better people than me as a couple of days on and I am still grumpy with lack of sleep!


My Week That Was – Project 365 Week 6

Project 365 week 6365 wk 6

Sunday 3rd February – A lazy day at the Oliver’s with Joshua beginning to get an infatuation with the front facing camera on  my iphone.

Monday 4th February – More face camera .. sorry .. although Joshua is perfecting his smile!

Tuesday 5th February – Joshua thinks dragging around a blanket on his vehicle was fun …. I am just not getting it myself

Wednesday 6th February – Beth smiling for her first entry into Prose For Thought on Thursday (you can read it HERE)

Thursday 7th February – Lovely outing to meet another blogging chum, not sure where these cows were off to when they decided to run through the road! .. must of been somewhere good!

Friday 8th February – I completed my book review for a fantastic book called ‘Naval Gazing‘ – for anyone in the midst of weight loss its a great read for you!

Saturday 9th February – Little man is normally so happy in the morning however we had a  sad face today!!


My Weight Loss Journey Week 5 of 2013

Weightloss Wlking wk5

After last week I set off this week with renewed vigor and got 3 walks completed in the early part of the week! I was eating reasonably well … then disaster struck …. a nasty cold has taken hold of Joshua and I and we have been battling heavy achy limbs and far too much snot to cope with.

All I can say is thank god I had batch cooked teas for this week! I barley have any energy to wipe my nose never mind cook a healthy meal!

Hockey tonight is not looking promising due to the pounding head I have had for the last few days, brought on by this cold. However we will see if it clears later.

So my exercise targets for last week were:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks  (min 6 Miles)
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • No Hockey match … so just get my bum from the sofa!!

What exercise I actually completed this week:

  • 2 x 2 miles – Walks
  • 1 x 1 mile – Walk     – Total 5 miles
  • 140 mins Hockey Training – Due to changing weigh in day it would count on next weeks exercise

So how did I do? 

– 0.5lbs

Total Weight Loss This Year:


Total Loss (including last year)

4 Stone 7.5lbs

Next Week’s Exercise:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks (min 6 miles total)
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • Hockey Match Saturday so need to play the whole match!

Not a great week however once again any loss is great but 7.5lbs in a month is still overall pretty great!


The Blogging Community

The Blogging Community

When I set out on my blogging journey last year I was totally unprepared….unprepared for how much bloggers support each other.

‘In Real Life’ there are so many pressures maintaining friendship, trying to ensure you make those important meet ups for coffee or lunch. To fit the odd night out round the financial constraints of bringing up a family along with the time to actually go and enjoy yourself in the first place instead of stressing about what time the first morning wake-up call will hit.

Blogging is such a strange creature, we all know so much about each other through the interaction we make via our media platforms and by the blog posts we read.  However we have in most circumstances never even laid eyes on each other without the use of a screen.

As a new starter last year I was overwhelmed by the support from even the most established of blogger, by the time they were prepared to give, their helpful words of wisdom and by their continual support they still offer. These people probably know me better than I know myself.

I have also been lucky to be part of a group of newbies that started around the same time who I have clicked with on such a level that these people I don’t know what I would do without them.

The blogging community understands that social media is a large part of my life and don’t make me feel I have neglected them when I have been away from my screen to actually live my life.

After some recent very sad news in the blogging community that has rocked me to the very core. I now understand what this crazy community have to offer, a level of support that I have never ever come across. Even bloggers who you have never had direct contact are there sending support and doing what they can. If one blogger hurts the rest hurt too.

I think unless you have been part of this craziness it’s difficult to comprehend how strong the friendships actually are.

I am so pleased I made this choice in my life and that I have such an incredible group of friends. I look forward to the friends I have yet to meet and the craziness in which is yet to happen.

Thank you bloggers!


The Joy of Inset Days!

Inset days

Today is an inset day at my daughter’s school, so what will we be doing today:

  • Snuggling on the all together
  • Watching films
  • Generally chillaxing
  • Talking

Now don’t get me wrong this quality time together is much needed and very much wanted, however why do we need an inset day smack in the middle of the term?

Having been a working single mum with my daughter previously these rogue inset days not only were a logistical nightmare to organise but I could never understand why they had to be smack in the middle of term?

Now Beth returned after the Christmas break on the 4th January  this means this inset day is taking place after only 4 weeks after returning and a mere 9 school days before she breaks up for yet another week of holiday!


Don’t get me wrong I am not grumbling over inset days nor the fact there are a lot of school holidays, what really aggrieves me is the fact they stick a random day in instead of attaching it to the beginning or the end of the term!

Now being a stay at home parent at the moment these rogue inset days don’t really affect me, however I know the stress it brings to working parents!

As parents we are aware of how important maintaining the routine of school is and we ensure we send our children come hell or high water. Why do schools not also  think this is important?

Oh well quality time for us here we come …


Week 5 – My Week That Was (Project 365)

project 365 wk5project 365 2

This week I have been trying to get out and about more. Not only to get my fat ass moving and shift some lard but also to introduce Joshua to others his own age as he can go weeks without seeing anyone his own age.

Sunday 27th January – The Oliver’s went to White Post Farm (you can read about it HERE)

Monday 28th January – With Ollie back at work and Beth at school Joshua and I spent quite a lot of today reading books and singing songs.

Tuesday 29th January – After a dismal weight loss last week I was determined to get out and about walking again. Joshua loves the horses on our walking route.

Wednesday 30th January – Joshua and went to a local soft play to meet up with the lovely Charlotte and Bob from The Crumby Mummy. Joshua and I had a lovely time and cant wait to not only visit the soft play again but also to meet up with Charlotte and Bob too.

Thursday 31st January – Back out walking again today. When Joshua and I set off it was lovely and dry however it did start raining while we were out!

Friday 1st February – Ollie bought Joshua an Everton Shirt! not sure who was more proud of him in it .. Dad or Boy!

Saturday 2nd February – The Oliver’s can finally leave the country! I have sent out passports applications off in 2 batches and this is the final 2 to come back!  …. yeah holiday this year 🙂


Weight Loss, Exercise & Boobs, Baps & Bangers ..

Sports Bra

My goodness the list of names for boobs is a long one! … Whatever you call them us ladies are stuck with them.  I had never really thought of boobs in great detail, however since breastfeeding my son my boobs have gone through some dramatic changes.

I have very little … yep you read right … I have far smaller breasts than I had previously!

As most of you will know by now I am on the long journey of sheading lots of excess baby and chocolate weight and now I have finally acknowledged that my boobs are different I want to make sure what I have got is being looked after!

During the previous year in which I shed almost 4 stones, I have started 2013 as I mean to go on and I have upped the exercise anti! Which is why I have been looking at my undergarments!!??

I currently wear a sports bra while playing hockey however honestly (and I might as well be honest since I have mentioned boobs how many times?) … it doesn’t fit!   I bought it almost 6 years ago.  So why I have been wearing it now?  Simple – My choices were limited;

Option 1 – Padded T-shirt bras – support nil 

Option 2 – Too tight sports bra

Out of the 2, at least option 2 means the world and his wife are not watching what little breast tissue I do have swing from one side of the hockey pitch to the other!  … So my choice was made … until now.

After having endured hours and hours of pain and rubbing in this incredibly tight undergarment I have been searching for a sports bra that FITS – Where to start though?

My first port of call was … yep you guessed it – the internet.  So what do I need to be looking for in a sports bra and why?

Our boobs are made up of fatty tissue and they are supported by quite delicate ligaments called the Cooper’s Ligaments. I have been shocked to find out that If they are not supported correctly then this will cause the dreaded ‘saggy boob’ look, along with possibly causing upper back and boob pain! …. Do us ladies really need more pain?? NOPE

Having discovered what can happen if I don’t get my little bangers into something to support them I dread to think what they will look like when I am older…. Shrivelled fried eggs maybe??  Not on my watch!

So once the mini panic attack subsided I set out on my mission to secure the mammaries and keep going on my weight loss journey.

While on my search mission I found out that the principle is the same for finding your sports bra size and your normal bra! …. Who knew??! Also you must remember to try different brands and sizes to get the level of support you require and to check that it does not rub or chafe.

I have found that although I am a certain size in my day to day bra my sports bra size actually differs from that size so remember ….. TRY THEM ON!

It is also just as important to ensure you buy a sports bra with the level of support you require for your chosen activity. A sports bra for light activity is not going to give you enough support if you’re cross country running.. However it may just give you a black eye!

So my exercise buddies get yourselves kitted out with the most essential part of your exercise kit and take care of those bad boys if you don’t once they are all saggy and you’re tying them in a bow you will wish you had listened!

I have now got a new sports bra courtesy of the very generous folks at Figleaves which I have put through its paces and reviewed so you can take a look HERE


The Oliver’s Visit White Post Farm

Yesterday after being stuck in doors for most of last week due to the snow and ice, we decided to wrap up warm and venture out.

We are very lucky where we live to have such alot of places to visit and yesterday we took a wonder round our local farm. (White Post Farm)


Even having this fantastic attraction almost on our doorstep we have never taken Joshua to it, who knows why not but we havent so he was most delighted!

Bethany who knows this place like the back of her hand became the Oliver’s unofficial tourguide. However her job was not complete until she also became second in command of puddle jumping! … (who said pre-teens are all moody!)


Bethany and I also had a competion at Goat mountain to see who could get their goat food to the top first ….. The winner  was me however Beth’s attempt was quite a vailiant one!

Joshua loved all the animals we saw and the only down side was, he either wanted to kiss them all! or he wanted to get in the pens with them!


Ollie’s has decided that the Oliver’s need to get some pets; some chickens and some guinea pigs …. I have agreed as long as he clears the poo! …. it maybe some time before we get any pets!

It realy was a lovely way to spend some quality time together and great to blow away some cobwebs!

White Post … We Will Be Back!


Project 365 Week 4

project 365 wk4 1Project 365 wk4 2

Another busy busy week here at the Oliver’s Madhouse. Its been full of laughter, tears, snow and reading!

Sunday 20/1/13 – Saw the start of my weight increase this week (opps) but who couldn’t resist that bad boy?

Monday 21/1/13 – Crazy tea time with all 4 of us and some very strange conversations provided by our lovely Beth

Tuesday 22/1/13 – Joshua decided that he preferred being naked! (for most of the day)

Wednesday 23/1/13 – Reading is something that Joshua hasn’t shown much interest in however on Wednesday he spent quite some time with his books.

Thursday 24/1/13 – Joshua’s reading continues and even included Beth. She had to read all his books at least twice before he would let her go!

Friday 25/1/13 – Joshua and I went visiting my lovely friend Stacey and this picture was taken in Stacey’s gorgeous new house (Yes I am jealous Stacey, can I move in?)

Saturday 26/1/13 – This is a picture of Jim and the Oliver snowman (although spot Jim’s contribution!)


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