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The Oliver’s Reasons to Be Cheerful


This is the first time I have joined in this fantastic linky and after recent up’s and down’s I thought it was about time we looked at the reasons we should be cheerful.

1)  As some of you know Beth recently has had lots off issues and one of those has been  ongoing bullying taking place at school. Now we are cheerful this week as it seems this has turned a corner and school have been on ball and are tackling this head on.

2)  The Hubby (Ollie) and I are hatching  a plan of an adult outing to the pictures to spend some quality time together, If we are lucky we may even get to eat out too!

3)  We have a family Christening to attend on Sunday and we a looking forward to seeing some family we haven’t seen for a while.


Weight Loss Journey Week 6 of 2013

Naval Gazing

Ok Ok … Will the lazy sod please stand up! …. that will be me then!

This week I will list my weight loss failings *hangs head in shame*

I was nothing but a lazy so and so.. my cold meant no Hockey Training as I can barley breath when I am out there, add a blocked nose and copious amounts of snot .. not good.

I have unashamedly eaten rubbish, crisps and a takeaway without a second thought.

My final failing this week was the 9 hours of drinking in which over 7 pints of larger where consumed (and that’s just the ones I remember, I vaguely recollect a wine or 3??!)

I am pleased to report however a couple of my friends from the village who last year did very well on their fitness drive are going to be taking up 2 x 3 mile walks per week in the evenings and if I honest I am looking forward to joining in .. who knows maybe I could build myself up to running it? .. eventually

Ladies please be aware I may need a sick bag!

I have also while sat in my fat pants on the sofa been reading a great book called Naval Gazing about weight loss and the emotional connection that your head plays in this weight loss malarkey if anyone is interested then I have completed a review of the book HERE.

So my exercise targets for last week were:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks  (min 6 Miles)
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • No Hockey match … (although I thought there was no match after I was looking at the wrong week).. its the blonde in me!

What exercise I actually completed this week:

  • 1 x 1 mile – Walk
  • 110 mins Hockey Match (we lost 6-1!)
  • No Hockey Training as I felt dreadful last Wednesday with a blooming cold.

So how did I do? 

Remained the Same .. if I am honest I deserved to of gained!

Total Weight Loss This Year:


Total Loss (including last year)

4 Stone 7.5lbs

Next Week’s Exercise:

  • A minimum of 2 x 3 mile walks (min 6 miles total)
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • Hockey Match Saturday so need to play the whole match!

This week I only have my lazy ass to blame! … come on lets get hyped for next week!


The Blogging Community

The Blogging Community

When I set out on my blogging journey last year I was totally unprepared….unprepared for how much bloggers support each other.

‘In Real Life’ there are so many pressures maintaining friendship, trying to ensure you make those important meet ups for coffee or lunch. To fit the odd night out round the financial constraints of bringing up a family along with the time to actually go and enjoy yourself in the first place instead of stressing about what time the first morning wake-up call will hit.

Blogging is such a strange creature, we all know so much about each other through the interaction we make via our media platforms and by the blog posts we read.  However we have in most circumstances never even laid eyes on each other without the use of a screen.

As a new starter last year I was overwhelmed by the support from even the most established of blogger, by the time they were prepared to give, their helpful words of wisdom and by their continual support they still offer. These people probably know me better than I know myself.

I have also been lucky to be part of a group of newbies that started around the same time who I have clicked with on such a level that these people I don’t know what I would do without them.

The blogging community understands that social media is a large part of my life and don’t make me feel I have neglected them when I have been away from my screen to actually live my life.

After some recent very sad news in the blogging community that has rocked me to the very core. I now understand what this crazy community have to offer, a level of support that I have never ever come across. Even bloggers who you have never had direct contact are there sending support and doing what they can. If one blogger hurts the rest hurt too.

I think unless you have been part of this craziness it’s difficult to comprehend how strong the friendships actually are.

I am so pleased I made this choice in my life and that I have such an incredible group of friends. I look forward to the friends I have yet to meet and the craziness in which is yet to happen.

Thank you bloggers!


Ranty Friday – Dearest Laptop

ranty friday laptop

We have been pals for quite some time; however I think that our separation is neigh. You have seen me through 5 separate college courses, 2 jobs, 3 house moves, the birth of my son a divorce and a marriage.

You have worked your little transformer-ed butt off, but now:


Your consistently burning hot fan is almost setting me alight. Your broken speakers and cracked back plate just wind me up!!

You are just so naughty, if you’re not burning my skin, sitting in silence, turning yourself off or closing down at will …….your being repaired.

After 6 years of service, 7 repairs, 1 new mother board and 3 fans replacements, why oh why can’t the laptop insurance not just write you off??

You are not top of the range nor are you effective for 80% of the time and you’re independently responsible I am sure for 5% of PC Worlds carbon footprint! With all this fetching and carrying!

Laptop, PC World has received my monthly payments diligently for all these years .. I have now spent triple the amount on insurance payments than what you originally cost!

I dread the next trip to PC World as I will be once again left with no laptop for 3 weeks. This is why I put up with the burning of my skin, broken speakers and faulty screen along with your selfishness at turning yourself off.

Please just keel over gracefully and irreparably it will save us both the pain and heartache of your extended demise.

Eternally grateful


P.s I have now backed up so anytime you’re ready is great with me!

Once again linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for her Ranty Friday Linky


Ranty Friday – Dad’s On a Pedestal


It’s that time of the week again where I am linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for the Ranty Friday post and I am going to say sorry in advance if I offend anyone … however I intend to rant readily and will not hold back.

My daughter has been left very upset with her Dad over the Christmas period, as some of my regular readers will know Beth’s dad and I split when she was 6 months old however he has maintained once a fortnight contact with her throughout the last 9 ½ years.

I have whole heartedly supported this contact and have asked on numerous occasions for him to spend more time with her … I have now given up as the plea has fallen on deaf ears.

Back in April Beth broke down and told me she was missing her Dad and wanted to spend more time with him, fairs fair and she asked him outright if he could make more time to see her above and beyond the 2 days a fortnight. He was very accommodating at the time and confirmed he will pick her up in the week sometimes and take her out …. Nothing above and beyond the norm has ever occurred, even though he has been off work for over 2 weeks over Christmas he has pretty much stuck rigidly to the Christmas eve and New year’s Eve fixed order. (shock)

Beth is really struggling with her emotions and feelings right now in her pre-teen hormonal state and she is once again hurting.

Now I don’t really have an opinion on what occurs at her Dad’s and if I have I certainly do not voice this concern to her as she is still a child and I want her to make her own mind up where her Dad is concerned

My rant starts with 2 weeks before Christmas: Beth came home to tell me that here Dad has told her she had a large amount of money in a savings account for her and I have taken it all!! (you what?!) Needless to say not only was a gobsmacked I was furious!

Although I knew he had a savings account for her, I do not have, nor do I want to have anything to do with it even if he offered it to me (which he never has) so how could I of spent this dough?? Nice try asshole!

I certainly think that discussing money to that extent is not a topic which should be high on any parents  ‘need to discuss list’ when only seeing ones child every other weekend surly?

Part 2 of my ranting’s stems from Christmas Eve, Beth had been with her Dad on Christmas Eve till tea time as normal and she came home and told me that she picked and bought ALL her own presents … apparently she had been given a set amount of money and then dropped off in the local town with her 2 step sisters (aged 11 & 13) the day before Christmas eve to go and get their own gifts ……….. Now is it me or is this just wrong?? Not only do I not think my daughter is not responsible enough to be in town all day unsupervised its mere days before Christmas, its bloody manic! … get a grip you fool, your daughter is 11 and not mature in the slightest.. Just give her a neon sign that says rob me!

The last part to this rant has really upset me this week. She visited her dad for 2 days over New Year in which her step sisters were with their Dad so I hoped that her Dad would spend some much needed quality time with her ….. wrong!

He told my daughter he would take her to the pictures, on arriving he told her he didn’t like the film as it ‘ wasn’t his kind of film’ and proceeded to tell her he would wait outside in the car park of the McDonalds next door!

My 11 year old daughter sat through the whole film on her own while he went god knows bloody where. Is it wrong to think that as parents even if the film is not what you would necessarily pick yourself you would sit through it anyway?!

What he did to her this time is nothing but bloody cruel and hurtful, needless to say she was also quite upset sat on her own watching the film. I however am absolutely bloody disgusted!

Right Daddy dearest get a grip, spend some time with your daughter, throwing money at her and dumping her at every given opportunity does not constitute a parent. It merely reinforces my ever growing confirmation that you are only a sperm donor at best!

She may think you’re the bees knees while you sit yourself on your own pedestal of perfectness but time is ticking till she finally sees through your facade and your money won’t cut it then!


The Long Journey Ahead


After recent pre-teen hormones and added issues with Beth (When 4 Became 3 & When 4 Became 3 an Update)  it was nice that over Christmas we got to spend some quality time together. Don’t get me wrong we had some real hum dingers of arguments but all in all we got some time together which was much needed.

I think I need to remember that although she is 11 going on 12 she is still a child (even if she would never admit it!) I do love her with every breath in my body but by god she can be hard work.

I must endeavour to take a very deep breath when things get difficult between us as she has many issues to deal with, some with me and others with her dad (I will blog about this tomorrow)

*mental note made*   –    BREATH!

BETH – We have a very long journey ahead and I am proud to stand with you and be here when you need me.



The Day I Became Jaime Oliver


I know this happened a few months before my blogging ways kicked in but I wanted to enlighten my lovely followers at just how mad the Oliver’s are!

Throughout my pregnancy with Joshua Ollie proposed several times, mainly with Haribo rings and at the insistence we should be married before our new addition arrived. I have to say I was not elated over the thought of wedding pictures when I was the size of 2 houses!  So we kind of joked about it but left it well alone.

After the birth of Joshua we went away for a few days to Whitby where an idea was formed. We both loved Whitby and thought of getting married there was quite exciting! However neither Ollie nor I actually like being the centre of attention and after much deliberation we decided to do it but with no one knowing!

I know some of you may think we were a little cruel, however the thought of being the centre of attention made us both sick and we had both been married previously and had the big white wedding that neither of us wanted.

So in June/July 2011 we planned our secret wedding! I have to say it was a logistical nightmare as we are approximately 2 hours away and we needed accommodation, photographer, hair and makeup!

I have to say that once we had our fantastic photographer in place (Rob Smith) and my hair and makeup artist (Helen Guy) we were rocking and rolling and they were so helpful!  Without these 2 we would have been lost, not only did they do a fantastic job they were also our witnesses (who we still can’t thank enough)!

Fitting Beth for her outfit I have to say was the scariest moment of all for me, I measured her in March for her custom made dress and made out I was taking measurements for any reasonably priced school uniform I could find (as she started secondary school in September) The dress arrived in May and then I was in total melt down! .. How was I doing to get her to try it on before we travelled to Whitby without letting the cat out of the bag??  It went something like this:

Me “Beth can you remember me telling you about that very posh wedding we are going to in August?”

Beth “No”

Me “you must remember it’s going to be very very posh”

Beth “No”

Me “Well never mind, we are going to this very very posh wedding and instead of a boring dress off the rack I have had a dress made for you. Do you want to try it on?”

Beth “OMG YES!”

Once the dress was on:

Beth “OMG it’s gorgeous”

Me “it is very beautiful”

Beth “it looks like a bridesmaid dress!”

Me “No it doesn’t!”

With that she was excited about the POSH POSH wedding in August!

We Left for Whitby on Saturday 9th June and on arriving we finally told Beth that we were going to get married while we were there! To say she was gobsmacked would be an understatement!

The Sunday and the Monday I was struck down with a tummy bug so didn’t move from the apartment and I did think at one point getting married wouldn’t be an option, however when I woke on the Tuesday I was feeling much better!! (I could have cried with relief)

The whole day was fantastic! I was so calm and Rob and Helen were amazing! After getting married we then went to the beach and had some picture taken. Once finished we went back to the apartment and phoned our parents (who took the news fantastically well!)


wedding120612 1

wedding 3

wedding 5

We finished off with Fish and Chips at the Magpie and it couldn’t have been more perfect for us!

The Oliver’s certainly don’t do things conventionally and once again proves the Oliver’s house is certainly a MADHOUSE!

Please feel free to pop over to our lovely Photographer Rob’s Post about our Wedding 🙂 click HERE

All These Photos are copyrighted by Rob Smith


Ranty Friday – Dr’s Appointments

It’s that time of the week again where I am linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for the Ranty Friday post and by god it couldn’t have come at a better time!

It actually started last week as my little man suffers with eczema and has regular flare ups at the backs of his knees and the crooks of his elbows.  Up until this point we have always been able to control it so it hasn’t really affected him greatly. This time it has been so bad he has scratched till he was bleeding little rivers!

So last week I booked him an appointment with our local GP and off we went (to even get an appointment is a bonus) Joshua’s appointment was for 10.10am and we arrived at 10.05am. Now the first 15 minutes over our allocated time slot he was starting to agitated and was beginning to get louder  … by 40 minutes late  he was terrorising the other patients and his behaviour  ranged from giving them a cuddle to trying to steal the magazine’s they were reading.

By the time Joshua went in to his appointment 55 minutes late, to say I was stressed would be an understatement and as the Dr is so nice it made it a whole lot harder!

I had to take him back this week so the Dr could see how his eczema was doing. I was nervous about the possibility of the Dr Over running his appointment time again.. could he?? .. it seemed he could!



45 minutes late this time! During this time Joshua threw the toys across the waiting area, too many times to count, ripped 6 magazines, pulled another toddlers boot off, slide up and down the seats like a slide over 100 times, knocked on 4 different Dr’s doors, threw himself on the floor in a fit of rage a dozen times and then finally after strapping him back into the pushchair we were called in, to be greeted with I knew you must be here as Joshua is my last patient and I could hear him outside…..


Yes my son was loud and boisterous and thoroughly pissed off, he was due for his sleep at 12.30 and wasn’t seen on time which meant he was beyond fed up!

Why do we bother fighting to get an appointment in the first place only to be made to wait an excessively long time to see the Dr! thank god my step dad is a Pharmacist so don’t go to the Dr’s that often as any minor ailment we head to our local Chemists for help!

Yes you are Dr’s that does not mean you time is more precious than mine; it does not mean you can be rude to us for our children losing the will to live and becoming frustrated.

No doubt if we were all late for our appointments with you, you would be pissed off!

So please please please stop treating us like idiots and treat us with a little more respect.



Meme – Christmas


I have just been tagged by the amazing Nichola from over at F.A.B at Forty  to carry on the Christmas themed Meme.

As most of you know I bloody love Christmas so I couldn’t wait to start on this one!

Since we haven’t yet got our decorations up I need no excuses to partake in anything Christmassy!

So here goes…..

What is your favourite thing about Xmas?

For me it has to be several things, I love the lights and decorations, the nice food and films. However my most favorite thing is spending more quality time with my family and friends.

Whats your favourite make up look for the season?

I love smoky heavy makeup and before having children I would never be seen without heavy makeup. Although these days I barely have time to make sure I have eyebrows (years of over plucking is never good!)

Real or Fake tree?

I would absolutely LOVE to have a real tree they smell so fantastic!, but since I am a little OCD on the cleaning front I just know I would be having palpitation’s  every time a needle dropped and I would be afraid that all the extra vacuuming might just wear my poor old dyson out!

So having said I love real trees as you can guess we have a fake tree! (Less mess)

Giving or receiving presents?

I am a giver, I absolutely love buying and wrapping gifts although as some of you may know from my post 53 Days till Christmas  I am one of those annoyingly organised people who have completed their Christmas shopping weeks months before the big day.

What is your favourite Xmas film?

It’s not really a conventional  Christmas one but it is set at Christmas time – ‘The Family Stone’ it’s about a family who come together as adults and all the cock up and fighting and falling out that really happens at Christmas …. Love it!

I do also have to admit I do love the ‘Snowman’ too and already can’t wait for the 2nd one premiering on Christmas Eve ‘The Snowman and The Snow Dog’

What’s your favourite Xmas food?

TURKEY! It’s one of my all-time favs and I can’t believe we don’t have it more often! This year we are off out for lunch and much to Ollie’s annoyance I have still bought a MASSIVE turkey, which I intend to cook on Christmas Eve and then spend the next 4 days picking at it. I love making a cob out of it and one of my favourite concoctions from last year is a fresh cob, turkey, cheese and salad cream.

So having answered, I am going to pass it on to some of my lovely blogging chums:

Leyla @ This Day I Love

Ember @ Purple Crazy Mum’s Blog

Emma @ The Cycling Mummy

Kamelia @ Parenting With Purpose

Vickie @ 29 Year Old Mama


Ranty Friday – Garages


Today I am linking up for the first time with lovely Mummy Barrow on her Ranty Friday blog hop and I have to be honest after discovering this blog hop over the weekend I have been looking forward to it all week!! (How sad am I, however who doesn’t like a good old moan!)

So without further ado my rant this week is based on Garages!

This week we have had one of our cars in for a service and MOT and this garage has up till now been great, however I am not sure if its complacency or not but they carried out work to put it through the MOT without asking first. (who do they think they are??)

I know this to some of you may sound petty, however with only my hubby working we are really careful with our money and we budget! needless to say i was very pissed off!

When all said and done we would have had the work done but it’s the fact that when they return the car with your bill we had not been expecting anything other than the standard service and MOT cost as we had heard nothing all day about any extra work It’s like a slap in the face!

Please garages please ask first and don’t presume as we have a bottomless money pit in order to pay as you would soon be moaning if we couldn’t pay and you had done it off your own back!


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