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Ranty Friday – Some Companies

on 15/02/2013

ranty friday - some companies

Right hands up in the air … yes I am a fairly new blogger…

This does not make me stupid nor an idiot, what it does mean is I am eager to learn all about the crazy complex world in which I now find myself.

I have been very kindly asked over the last 3 nearly 4 months to participate in reviewing some items and I have been then given them to keep. Great stuff who doesn’t like being honest and get to keep stuff!

The companies I have dealt with up until now and the ones I am dealing with currently I need to point out have been absolutely amazing and I do have to say that this rant does not in any way represent them.

They have understood the need to ensure the product is relevant to my family, they have allowed me to carry out the review to fit into my time frame and have not grumbled once when I have attached  negatives to the product or item I have reviewed for them, as lets face it you come to me you get an honest review.

My problem lies with companies which have contacted me out of the blue with  no idea at what my blog is about or the content in which I post on there.

The ones that I am talking about today send mass generated emails and expect a response, Why should  we respond when you obviously do not have any idea about what target market you’re aiming for as each and every blog is very different.

When you do make contact please be aware of what you’re wanting from me and my blog as my time is equally as precious as yours and I do not want to have to have a multiple email conversation in which I finally find out what you’re requiring.

Please take the time to find out what ages my children are so you don’t feel a little stupid when your asking me to review some newborn item in pink when in fact my daughter is nearly 12.

Until then Companies please please just treat us with some respect and honesty, to many of us our blogs are an extension to our families. We love you guys and will help but only if respected!

…. And remember I maybe fairly new now but one day maybe my blog will compete for world domination! …

10 responses to “Ranty Friday – Some Companies

  1. You are so not alone with this one! It takes a little while to work out the types of approach to just ignore and it’s easy to get sucked in sometimes!

  2. Hear hear! Well said that woman 🙂 x

  3. I had an email the other day asking if an unnamed store could use my blog to post their company content, which would be written by one of their employed copy writers…. ummm don’t they know that if you blog you like the writing process and it wouldn’t be ‘my’ blog if someone else was paid to write content as if they were me? It was all very strange!

  4. mummybarrow says:

    I could rant for hours about this sort of thing. Or the “Please copy and paste this and put it on your blog” and no we wont pay you, nonsense.


  5. fabfortymum says:

    Couldn’t agree more Jaime. I had 2 yesterday, that I didn’t even bother replying to, because clearly they hadn’t even spent 5mins to look at my blog. Even if they’d read the about section, they would have known. On one of the emails, the company links didn’t even work, a simple typing error, but still….

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Its so frustrating isnt it! We love to help genuine companies and brands that would fit our families but a simple click on about us tabs tells them who we are and what ages our children are. Although i do acknowledge it must be time consuming but so is our input on our blogs 🙂

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