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The Oliver’s Reasons to Be Cheerful

on 14/02/2013


This is the first time I have joined in this fantastic linky and after recent up’s and down’s I thought it was about time we looked at the reasons we should be cheerful.

1)  As some of you know Beth recently has had lots off issues and one of those has been  ongoing bullying taking place at school. Now we are cheerful this week as it seems this has turned a corner and school have been on ball and are tackling this head on.

2)  The Hubby (Ollie) and I are hatching  a plan of an adult outing to the pictures to spend some quality time together, If we are lucky we may even get to eat out too!

3)  We have a family Christening to attend on Sunday and we a looking forward to seeing some family we haven’t seen for a while.

24 responses to “The Oliver’s Reasons to Be Cheerful

  1. So please the bullying is getting better, we have been really struggling with this and it’s such a worry. You want to let them sort it out themselves but it’s so hard. Hope you had a great weekend, thanks for linking up x

  2. hannah says:

    So glad to hear things have turned a corner for your daughter. Hope you enjoy/ed your little time out 🙂 xx

  3. new mummy says:

    fantastic reasons to be cheerful – so glad school are tackling the bullying on the head and hope you have a fun weekend and time out together too

  4. Really glad to see that Beth’s issues are getting sorted – and hope you and Ollie get the quality time you deserve x

  5. So glad to hear things are improving for Beth. Enjoy the weekend, Mich x

  6. Have a lovely night out! Glad the school are helping to sort out the bullying. It is horrible when something like this happens to one of your children. Hope it’s resolved soon. x

  7. So glad that the bullying is starting to be dealt with x

  8. Mama Owl says:

    Really pleased that the bullying is being dealt with x

  9. Louise says:

    Glad the bullying issue is getting sorted. x

  10. So glad to hear the bullying seems to have stopped. May it remain that way!
    Always great to catch up with family, we are seeing friends this weekend we haven’t seen in ages! I hope you enjoy your time out with hubby x

  11. i am glad the school are doing something about the bullying that has been happening to Beth, have a lovely time at the pictures..wishing you all a lovely weekend xx

  12. I’m glad the school are finally sorting out the bullying….I hope it all gets sorted quickly.
    Good luck with your and hubby’s plans i hope you get the time you deserve….and have a fab time on Sunday x

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