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Creative Corner – Marty

on 07/02/2013

Prose For Thought

Although I am shocking poetry my Daughter Beth is very clever and often sits and writes songs, story and poetry so this week Beth (aged 11) has asked if she could share one of her recent poems on my blog, so if your sitting comfortably we will begin:

She met a boy with eyes of blue

He was so good looking too

A handsome boy called Marty

To prove to him that she did care

She took him  out to see a scare

Some buttery popcorn, they did share

Layla and her Marty

This week Beth and I are linking up for the lovely Vicky for her linky Prose for Thought, why not pop over and check out the others posts too HERE

18 responses to “Creative Corner – Marty

  1. Love it, she has a lovely way with words 🙂 Gorgeous girl too x

  2. Very talented young lady you have there, excellent poem.

  3. fabfortymum says:

    I’ve only just got my internet back again!! Jaime she is so so beautiful, I can’t help but smile when I look at her face. Fantastic poem too Beth, you are a very talented young lady, to write like that at 11 is amazing x

  4. love the words, love the picture. x

  5. nice poem, she is good with words, and she is also a very beautiful young lady

  6. fireflyphil says:

    Love it – a kind of very direct, open style…

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      thats Beth to a T!! lol thanks for popping over 🙂

      • fireflyphil says:

        And now the years have rolled along;
        Her love for him is ever strong –
        Layla, for her Marty.
        He, now full-grown, too, loves her dear
        But, to declare it, fills with fear –
        SHE’LL ‘pop the question’ next leap year!
        Layla, to her Marty.

        (Sorry – couldn’t resist…)

      • Jaime Oliver says:

        thats bloody fantastic, she is watching a film in bed now but i will read her your next bit and i am sure she will love it! 😉

  7. Helen Braid says:

    Fab! So lovely that Beth already loves to write! Like mother like daughter… x

  8. Wendy says:

    Aww that’s a lovely poem, she is very talented xx

  9. What a very clever girl Beth is, this is fab. She is obviously someone who can express herself creatively. With reference to your comment on my post, if this isn’t one of her best then I’m looking forward to seeing what else she can do. Thank you for linking up lovely ladies xx

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