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My Weight Loss Journey Week 4 of 2013

Weight Loss Wk4

After last week weight loss fail and my 0.7lbs increase I have to say I was more than a little deflated and spent until the weekend brooding!

Food wise the last 4 days have been back on track however while still brooding we did visit an all you can eat Chinese buffet! … probably not the wisest move!

I have also batch cooked all next weeks evening meals so there will be no excuse for eating pre processed frozen crap! I intend to try and cut down on my bread intake also next week. Although I am not a massive bread muncher last week while still sulking I did have a couple of days where I had quite a lot of bread.

So my exercise targets for last week were:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks … again!
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • No Hockey match … so just get my bum from the sofa!!

What exercise I actually completed this week:

  • 1 x 2.2 miles – Walk
  • 1x 1 mile – Walk
  • 140 mins Hockey Training

Hockey Training I have to say was very hard this week since it was lashing it down with rain and it was beyond Baltic – hence the 40 cut short from my target!

Ok so not quite what I had wanted to achieve however if I had stopped sulking and got my finger out sooner this week I would of  hit my exercise targets! *mental note made – stop sulking*

So how did I do? 

-1 lbs, yep that’s right I have Lost!

Total Weight Loss This Year:


Total Loss (including last year)

4 Stone 7lbs

Next Week’s Exercise:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • No Hockey match on Saturday so get out for a long walk on Sunday

Having found the fab Kate from Naked Mum who is also on a weight loss journey I am linking up HERE so I can gain encouragement from others who are also on this long journey and also to spread some support to others.

Not the best week however a loss is still a loss and only I can turn it round next week!


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