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on 30/01/2013

Sports Bra

My goodness the list of names for boobs is a long one! … Whatever you call them us ladies are stuck with them.  I had never really thought of boobs in great detail, however since breastfeeding my son my boobs have gone through some dramatic changes.

I have very little … yep you read right … I have far smaller breasts than I had previously!

As most of you will know by now I am on the long journey of sheading lots of excess baby and chocolate weight and now I have finally acknowledged that my boobs are different I want to make sure what I have got is being looked after!

During the previous year in which I shed almost 4 stones, I have started 2013 as I mean to go on and I have upped the exercise anti! Which is why I have been looking at my undergarments!!??

I currently wear a sports bra while playing hockey however honestly (and I might as well be honest since I have mentioned boobs how many times?) … it doesn’t fit!   I bought it almost 6 years ago.  So why I have been wearing it now?  Simple – My choices were limited;

Option 1 – Padded T-shirt bras – support nil 

Option 2 – Too tight sports bra

Out of the 2, at least option 2 means the world and his wife are not watching what little breast tissue I do have swing from one side of the hockey pitch to the other!  … So my choice was made … until now.

After having endured hours and hours of pain and rubbing in this incredibly tight undergarment I have been searching for a sports bra that FITS – Where to start though?

My first port of call was … yep you guessed it – the internet.  So what do I need to be looking for in a sports bra and why?

Our boobs are made up of fatty tissue and they are supported by quite delicate ligaments called the Cooper’s Ligaments. I have been shocked to find out that If they are not supported correctly then this will cause the dreaded ‘saggy boob’ look, along with possibly causing upper back and boob pain! …. Do us ladies really need more pain?? NOPE

Having discovered what can happen if I don’t get my little bangers into something to support them I dread to think what they will look like when I am older…. Shrivelled fried eggs maybe??  Not on my watch!

So once the mini panic attack subsided I set out on my mission to secure the mammaries and keep going on my weight loss journey.

While on my search mission I found out that the principle is the same for finding your sports bra size and your normal bra! …. Who knew??! Also you must remember to try different brands and sizes to get the level of support you require and to check that it does not rub or chafe.

I have found that although I am a certain size in my day to day bra my sports bra size actually differs from that size so remember ….. TRY THEM ON!

It is also just as important to ensure you buy a sports bra with the level of support you require for your chosen activity. A sports bra for light activity is not going to give you enough support if you’re cross country running.. However it may just give you a black eye!

So my exercise buddies get yourselves kitted out with the most essential part of your exercise kit and take care of those bad boys if you don’t once they are all saggy and you’re tying them in a bow you will wish you had listened!

I have now got a new sports bra courtesy of the very generous folks at Figleaves which I have put through its paces and reviewed so you can take a look HERE


6 responses to “Weight Loss, Exercise & Boobs, Baps & Bangers ..

  1. I always wear a sports bra now – it REALLY hurts if you don’t!

  2. I can’t remember the last time I wore a sports bra which is a terrible indication of when I last did any sports. I think I need you to give me a kick in a couple of months to get me moving.

  3. fabfortymum says:

    Your weight loss is seriously impressive Jaime. Bras are an issue for me sports or everyday. It’s so hard to get just a comfortable non itchy pokey bra . That does look like a nice sports bra though.

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