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Project 365 Week 4

on 26/01/2013

project 365 wk4 1Project 365 wk4 2

Another busy busy week here at the Oliver’s Madhouse. Its been full of laughter, tears, snow and reading!

Sunday 20/1/13 – Saw the start of my weight increase this week (opps) but who couldn’t resist that bad boy?

Monday 21/1/13 – Crazy tea time with all 4 of us and some very strange conversations provided by our lovely Beth

Tuesday 22/1/13 – Joshua decided that he preferred being naked! (for most of the day)

Wednesday 23/1/13 – Reading is something that Joshua hasn’t shown much interest in however on Wednesday he spent quite some time with his books.

Thursday 24/1/13 – Joshua’s reading continues and even included Beth. She had to read all his books at least twice before he would let her go!

Friday 25/1/13 – Joshua and I went visiting my lovely friend Stacey and this picture was taken in Stacey’s gorgeous new house (Yes I am jealous Stacey, can I move in?)

Saturday 26/1/13 – This is a picture of Jim and the Oliver snowman (although spot Jim’s contribution!)


48 responses to “Project 365 Week 4

  1. redrosemummy says:

    Our snowman is just a hat, scarf and two sticks now. The rain washed him away. Bud was most distraught and kept asking where he had gone!

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      mine is just a carrot, hat and beer bottle now!! my little man keeps going to the window and shouting snowman! (he is 22 months)

      I must make sure i clear it up this weekend (if i dont forget!) lol

      Thanks for popping over 🙂

  2. josnursery says:

    The snowman is ace. I love him!

  3. Lovely photos, I thought I had already commented???

    Doesnt Beth look like you, had to do a double


  4. Lauren says:

    Brilliant snowman! And I’m not sure I could resist that cake either! Joshua looks so cute reading his book in just his top and nappy.
    Thank you for linking up xx

  5. Whoa – big snowman! Are you sure the 1 beer was enough?? 🙂 Great photos! Except now you’ve made me want cake!

  6. Erica Price says:

    That cake looks fab.

  7. So adorable! Really love your pics and wanted to thank you for commenting on my posts as well!

    Karin @ Cafe Bebe

  8. Muslim Mummy says:

    Loving the snowman! Made me laugh

  9. Oh my I need a cake like that in my life it looks delicious! 🙂 Great photos! x

  10. Looks like a great week. Little man with me likes to spend most of his days naked. Great snowman 🙂

  11. mummyconstant says:

    Great snowmen 🙂

  12. marisworld says:

    Ohh that little pot belly is scrumptious …and that cake? Best I leave the house immediately

  13. Looks like a great week. That cake looks yummy. My girls used to always strip off when at home, I used to wonder by I wasted money on clothes

  14. emma wright says:

    the snow man drinking beer is cool, lovely pics x

  15. Kara says:

    Loving the fact the snowman has his own beer!!

  16. Loving that snow man, he is a whopper with his beer too, somehow I think he is not the one who enjoyed it’s contents! Just popping over from 365 at TheBoyandMe

  17. jenny paulin says:

    i am sure one naughty cake wont do too much harm! great snowman and your hubby is brave not wearing a coat brrrr. lovely seeing your two reading together too x

  18. Lovely photos :), it looks like you had a great week 🙂

  19. fabfortymum says:

    You have had a fun and busy week. I can’t get over just how like you the children are, they are real wee mini me’s. I now however want an iced finger and a cup of tea! Nichola x

  20. says:

    Wow, thats an impressive snowman

  21. Shell Louise says:

    Awww the photo of Beth reading to Joshua is really lovely 🙂

  22. Love the photo of Beth reading to Joshua.

    It melts my heart when I see Aly (5) reading to Mia (2)

  23. Love your snowman thats very impressive 🙂

  24. mummyoftwo2 says:

    Great pics!! Love the one from 22nd – he is such a cutie! x

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