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My Weight Loss Journey Week 3 of 2013

After last year’s weight loss of 4 stone and my 2 previous weeks of successful weight loss I have felt rather elated over the whole thing .. yep strange I know!

Then the snow hit and it has continued to plague my fitness efforts this week by causing all Hockey training to be cancelled and has stopped me getting out walking properly with my pushchair.

Then to top it off I have now succumbed to Tonsillitis, although it has not completely taken hold like it has in the past, I have to say I am not feeling very sprightly. Needless to say I have not been as good as I should have been ……….

Ok I lied ….

I have eaten crap!

Firstly this fellow:

Weigh Loss wk3

I am bad I know and I have no excuse, however this was the most amazing thing EVER!

So my exercise targets for last week were:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks … again!
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • No Hockey match … so just get my bum from the sofa!!

So a big fat fail for me on the exercise front, so how have I done

+ 0.7lbs, yep that’s right I have gained

I am not going to stress over it but I am starting the next week how I mean to go on and praying that my husband does not bring home boxes of Jaffa cakes from work … again!!

Total Weight Loss This Year (minus my gain this week):


Total Loss (including last year)

4 Stone 6lbs

Next Week’s Exercise:

  • A minimum of 3 x 2 mile walks
  • Attend both hockey training sessions (junior with Beth & ladies = 180 mins)
  • No Hockey match on Saturday so get out for a long walk on Sunday

Having found the fab Kate from Naked Mum who is also on a weight loss journey I am linking up here so I can gain encouragement from others who are also on this long journey and also to spread some support to others.

1 bad week will not scupper me!


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