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As some of you will know from one of my previous post (you can read HERE)  I was returning to college this January.

My first lesson was last Tuesday and I really enjoyed it, I even relished the first assignment which was handed out (sad I know)

The course itself (ILM – Leadership & Management) is made up of 3 individual mini courses consisting of  3 hours per week for ten weeks for each unit which could be run one after another to get the main qualification (minimum of 2 units needed) or you can take on of the individual units to get a smaller qualification.

On arriving last week we were told that due to there only being 5 of us the original 30 hours (3hrs x10 weeks) was going to be cut down to 2 hours per week effectively slashing the course  the first section of the course time by a third!

Needless to say I was not impressed since this first 10 weeks had cost me £435 and there was going to be no price reduction!

Still smarting from the bomb shell of the cost and the time reduction I was going to go last night and get my head into gear and smash this course and flounce off with my qualification in triumph ….. that never happened.

My tutor (who is a lovely lady) called me 2 hours before I set off to say the college had cancelled the course as there were not enough people to fund it … I am gutted!

Even though I seem to be so super busy at the moment I was really really looking forward to the first assignment! (I really am that sad!)

So last night I started to look at where  I actually wanted to go career wise and I have decided I want world domination to do a degree I am not sure exactly which one but one based in the Human Resources/Management area would be good.

I also have to look at the financial aspect and options of do I defer payment of the course by taking a student loan or apply for scholarships … I really am floundering around like a rather large version of Nemo and I need to focus and make a million phone call.

If anyone has any experience of any Open University courses please let me know how you got on and is it achievable?

Or am I really the maddest of us all in this Madhouse?


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