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Rufford Park & Beth’s New Friend

After the first little flurry of snow fell overnight on Saturday, we woke to a lovely snowy scene on Sunday morning which was what prompted us to get out of the comfy fat pants and get out and enjoy some quality family time.

We ventured to Rufford Country Park which is only a short distance from where we live to sample the delights of the Abby and the lakes.

Joshua was adamant at first that he was NOT going in the pushchair and he wanted to walk! …. Although normally he is very steady on his feet and normally likes to take off at brake neck speed the snow sure slowed him down after the first 3 tumbles!

On arrival at 9.20am we were part of only a small handful of visitors which meant it was so lovely and quiet and also so different to when we have visited in the past during the warmer weather.

With some of the main paths closed for maintenance we walked around from the Abby to the lakes by some little paths we had never walked before and they were beautiful so peaceful and with an abundance of wildlife from blue tits, robins, squirrels and even some seagulls!?


On our journey round the lake we encountered some over friendly pals, particularly a Robin who not only nearly took my head off while trying to take pictures of the kids (check the blur in the middle of the picture, this was mid attack!) Mr Robin also took a liking to Beth who was over the moon to get so close to him. But we also had several swans who thought they would walk with us on the way round!


My little man made it all the way round but couldn’t make the walk back his little legs had almost dropped off so he traveled in the pushchair on the way back.


Beth climbed some fencing on the back and when I asked her to “get down Beth” my little man put his first sentence together and shouted “get down Beth” too! He was saying it all day!

By the time we got back to the car we were surprised at how many others had arrived since we got there. I think the free entrance and parking over the winter months may have helped!

After yesterday we have decided that we ought make time to go out as a family more instead of sitting in the fat pants on the sofa watching re runs of ‘wife swap’ and ‘Hollyoaks’!!


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