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Ranty Friday – Nasty Neighbours

It’s that time of the week again where I am linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for the Ranty Friday post, this week it’s nasty neighbours!


First off I would like to say that I DO NOT have anything personally against my neighbours (joined on) I also think they seem to be lovely people from what I know of them!

I also have no problems with dogs!

Having said that however  …… next doors dogs consistent barking  … IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!

Almost 2 years ago we got new neighbours when the previous neighbours sold and moved. From the beginning our new neighbours were lovely, chatting on the front and passing smiles and hellos while out there. I am personally not a neighbouring type person (you know the ones, in and out of each other’s houses like they lived there) so to pass pleasantries on the garden was nice with no pressure.

After the first few weeks it became obvious we were going to have an issue. Both parties next door worked full time and they had 3 large dogs, which for whatever reason once left alone for duration of time kick off and spend the remainder of their time alone barking.

Now over the time since they have moved in I have spoken twice to her and once to her eldest son about the noise and I have been told they don’t think this is a problem as they have spoken to the couple on the opposite side to them and they have said they can’t really hear anything. I am guessing not since there are 2 lots of walls, a fence and 2 paths between, however there is only one party wall between us.

Things got worse still when my neighbours (joined on) decided to start leaving their dogs on a Saturday morning and then not return home until Sunday afternoons, the barking was incessant. I am not sure if someone was supposed to be going around to see to them however we never saw anyone and from what we could see they were left  on their own for the duration.

Those weekends were absolutely horrific, they never stopped. Joshua who has always slept through was being woken as was Beth who was on the other side of the house! We were stuck, no one in to complain to so we were having to listen to them for hours and hours!

At this point we couldn’t cope anymore, we had told them how we were being affected and 3-4 hours at a time during the day is bad enough but through the whole weekend too was intolerable.

We contacted the local council, who were very sympathetic and told us they would monitor the noise however once the neighbours realised we had made it official all the other neighbours were saying that there wasn’t ever a problem and I was the problem.

Since moving in originally over 3 years ago things changed with the other 2 neighbours on the street as they were all over me when I moved in and then when I was not forthcoming with the coffee and unlocked door they have taken it upon themselves to intimidate and bully me even  telling the neighbours next door I am evil and I am out of order (as you can imagine it’s a joy to live on this street at the moment!)

We still even now have dogs bark 4 out of 7 days for hours at a time and they are still driving us to despair the only improvement is they have now stopped leaving them for the weekend, however they still bark everyday they are work.

Since starting the original complaint with the council I am now being bullied by my neighbour on the other side (who was all over my originally when I moved in) who has taken to verbally attacking me, swearing at me in front of my children, visitors and their children.

Some people need to get a grip, I will be sociable but not to the extent you know everything about me we are neighbours not best friends.

I do not deserve to be treated appallingly by vendettas over something that didn’t involve you in the first place.

Strange that the neighbours with the barking dogs are still polite on bumping into us and have been from the beginning, however the rest are vindictive, nasty or verbally aggressive.

I suppose you can choose your house … just not your neighbours!

The picture above was taken from Zoopla’s Blog who has a great blog post about neighbours why not pop over and read some more (HERE)


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