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Fun Photo Fun – First Haircuts

on 08/01/2013

fun photo!

Its that time of the week and I am once again linking up with the lovely Charlotte over at The Crumby Mummy for her fantastic linky Fun Photo Fun and this week I am back with haircuts!

This week I wanted to let you all know my baby little man has had his first haircut!! When Joshua was born he had quite a lot of hair. At around 3 weeks old it ALL dropped out! (and I am not talking the bit on the back!) ALL OF IT!!

Over the last 20 months he finally grew some hair but still not anywhere near the amount his big sister had at his age. Just recently he has developed what refer to as the nutty professor look and has had tufts of hair over his ears. So it was time for a chop!.

I have a fantastic hairdresser that come out to me at home and while having my hair done he said he would sort out the tufts over Joshua’s ears!!


Holding his head in place was quite difficult however he loved it when Carl chopped off the fluff and was belly laughing!!

Who knew that hair cuts could be that much fun??


10 responses to “Fun Photo Fun – First Haircuts

  1. Aww bless he’s so cute. x

  2. Charlotte says:

    Ah, how lovely! Bob is yet to have her first haircut. Think she might be 18 before I let her. :o) Thanks for linking up! Hope you are well! x

  3. Rosey says:

    That’s funny he laughed abut the hair!

  4. Brinabird says:

    My wee man had loads of hair when he popped out and never lost any…actually it grew so much he started to look like the mad professor. Hubby gave him his first hair cut ever. I was the only one crying when it happened! Now he has had it “professionally” done twice! Thankfully he does not give any trouble and appears to actually enjoy it! I am yet to capture him getting one though!

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      lol my daughter had lots of hair which she kept, not quite sure why Joshua couldn’t hold onto his!

      I hope he is like this next time as it was a relief he didnt kick off!

  5. Grace booed her eyes out when she had her first haircut! So cute that he was laughing! (Loving the foils btw ;)) x

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Lol my secret is out!! I am not a real blonde ( damn ) I really am not sure what made him laugh. Beth cried like grace so I kind of expected that!

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