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Ranty Friday – Dad’s On a Pedestal


It’s that time of the week again where I am linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for the Ranty Friday post and I am going to say sorry in advance if I offend anyone … however I intend to rant readily and will not hold back.

My daughter has been left very upset with her Dad over the Christmas period, as some of my regular readers will know Beth’s dad and I split when she was 6 months old however he has maintained once a fortnight contact with her throughout the last 9 ½ years.

I have whole heartedly supported this contact and have asked on numerous occasions for him to spend more time with her … I have now given up as the plea has fallen on deaf ears.

Back in April Beth broke down and told me she was missing her Dad and wanted to spend more time with him, fairs fair and she asked him outright if he could make more time to see her above and beyond the 2 days a fortnight. He was very accommodating at the time and confirmed he will pick her up in the week sometimes and take her out …. Nothing above and beyond the norm has ever occurred, even though he has been off work for over 2 weeks over Christmas he has pretty much stuck rigidly to the Christmas eve and New year’s Eve fixed order. (shock)

Beth is really struggling with her emotions and feelings right now in her pre-teen hormonal state and she is once again hurting.

Now I don’t really have an opinion on what occurs at her Dad’s and if I have I certainly do not voice this concern to her as she is still a child and I want her to make her own mind up where her Dad is concerned

My rant starts with 2 weeks before Christmas: Beth came home to tell me that here Dad has told her she had a large amount of money in a savings account for her and I have taken it all!! (you what?!) Needless to say not only was a gobsmacked I was furious!

Although I knew he had a savings account for her, I do not have, nor do I want to have anything to do with it even if he offered it to me (which he never has) so how could I of spent this dough?? Nice try asshole!

I certainly think that discussing money to that extent is not a topic which should be high on any parents  ‘need to discuss list’ when only seeing ones child every other weekend surly?

Part 2 of my ranting’s stems from Christmas Eve, Beth had been with her Dad on Christmas Eve till tea time as normal and she came home and told me that she picked and bought ALL her own presents … apparently she had been given a set amount of money and then dropped off in the local town with her 2 step sisters (aged 11 & 13) the day before Christmas eve to go and get their own gifts ……….. Now is it me or is this just wrong?? Not only do I not think my daughter is not responsible enough to be in town all day unsupervised its mere days before Christmas, its bloody manic! … get a grip you fool, your daughter is 11 and not mature in the slightest.. Just give her a neon sign that says rob me!

The last part to this rant has really upset me this week. She visited her dad for 2 days over New Year in which her step sisters were with their Dad so I hoped that her Dad would spend some much needed quality time with her ….. wrong!

He told my daughter he would take her to the pictures, on arriving he told her he didn’t like the film as it ‘ wasn’t his kind of film’ and proceeded to tell her he would wait outside in the car park of the McDonalds next door!

My 11 year old daughter sat through the whole film on her own while he went god knows bloody where. Is it wrong to think that as parents even if the film is not what you would necessarily pick yourself you would sit through it anyway?!

What he did to her this time is nothing but bloody cruel and hurtful, needless to say she was also quite upset sat on her own watching the film. I however am absolutely bloody disgusted!

Right Daddy dearest get a grip, spend some time with your daughter, throwing money at her and dumping her at every given opportunity does not constitute a parent. It merely reinforces my ever growing confirmation that you are only a sperm donor at best!

She may think you’re the bees knees while you sit yourself on your own pedestal of perfectness but time is ticking till she finally sees through your facade and your money won’t cut it then!


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