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A New Me? .. or Maybe Just a Half Sized Version?

on 30/12/2012

January 2012

At this time of year we of course think about what bad habit we are going to change in the upcoming year and we make resolutions to improve ourselves.

Last year I made a resolution to lose some weight. After a rather traumatic experience in Boots on one of those electronic scales that prints you your weight and BMI for you to keep for posterity (as if!) I knew that being 18 stones and only being 5 foot tall was very very bad news and I could no longer hide from the fact I was seriously overweight.

One of my main problems was the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction I developed when I was about 6 months pregnant with Joshua and I was hiding behind the pain and used it as excuse not to do anything. I hoped that after giving birth to Joshua it would improve like all the books said, however my pain never got better (read about it here)

So with my battle with constant on-going pain I had presumed that I would never shift this weight. However since I was in pain anyway I thought I would just take pain relief and have to do what I could.

This year I have improved the families eating habits by including more veg within the meals I cook as well as buying smaller dinner plates to stop me from over eating. I upped my exercise to walking every day and doing aqua aerobics. Then once the weight started to go down I took up Zumba and then Hockey (all with the aide of my trusty pelvic support).

This has not been an easy journey it has been pure hell since my pelvis is so unstable the pain can be excruciating but I know that the only thing I can do to try and relieve the pressure and to lose the weight. The only other option is surgery to have my pelvis pinned and plated back together however the surgeons don’t want to do this until I am in my 40’s and the chance of this working is only 50% effective so I want to do everything I can to not have to go down this route however some days I just wish I could have the surgery and hope that it worked.

This year I have lost almost 4 stones and my weight now fluctuates at the 14 stone mark. Which although I know some people will be able to lose more weight in a quicker time frame I am glad I have lost it gradually and its staying off.

The coming year I will be increasing the activity and will be getting back to Zumba and Hockey and I am hoping to try and get out every day for the 2 mile walks I first started to lose weight with too.

I will be setting myself a target for June to of lost between 1 ½ stone – 2 stones as the Oliver’s are going on their first holiday aboard together so I would love to fit in an aeroplane seat comfortably  and although I won’t be wearing a bikini I do want to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I am really nervous about the next stage of my weight loss journey but I know I have to do this for the sake of my own health.


17 responses to “A New Me? .. or Maybe Just a Half Sized Version?

  1. 4 stone. Wow. Well done, that’s amazing. You can keep on doing it and get where you want to be. Any chance of an “after” photo!?

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      thanks! I will get some pictures of me taken this week and will add it into the thursdays weekly round up post! (better remember to put my war paint on before i get the snaps done!! lol

  2. […] you will know after my post HERE I am back on my weight loss journey after a 4 stone loss from last […]

  3. michelletwinmum says:

    Ohh wow, massive well done you. I’ll use you as my inspiration. All the best for 2013. Mich x

  4. Jenny paulin says:

    Jamie this post is so inspiring and you have done fantastically well! Goodness you really are a different person to look at size wise and well down you for recognise what you had to do for your health. I wish you ever success for continuing with your weight loss journey this year I am sure you will succeed
    Happy new year and thankyou for allowing me to link to the amazing post x x x

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Thank you Jenny, this time last year i never thought i would be able to pull it off, i know this year will be a massive challenge as i know the first bit is easier to lose.

      I will never be a twiglet but fitting into a nice size 12/14 would do me lovely! 😉

      Happy New Year and thanks for popping across to comment x

  5. Thisdayilove says:

    Brilliant weight loss the hardest part is keeping it off, so big congratulations there. I’m struggling to regain my normal size after baby will keep at it tho

  6. lesley says:

    Well done Jaime, I’m very proud of what you have achieved in the last 12 months, you never know what the next 12 will bring …..

  7. Mummy Plum says:

    Wow. 4 stone in a year is fabulous. Well done. Good luck to you for the forthcoming year – I hope you continue to see the results. I’d love to try Zumba it looks such fun. Have you tried seeing an Osteo for the SPD? I found it helped in my pregnancy.

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Thanks, i know i could of lost more if i really tried i just didnt want to feel like i had missed out.

      Zumba is fantastic and i would recommend it to everyone! i have an amazing instructor and she really does inspire us all.

      I hadn’t thought of an Osteo ?? i am not sure why, i will look into this in the new year. Thanks xx

  8. I did the same as you, last January started a regime of healthy eating and gradual weight loss as I had gained so much during pregnancy with my third baby. I did well and lost just over a stone, but sadly I failed to keep going and the stone has returned. I’m putting it down to the fact we’ve had a really difficult year, but as of 2013, no more excuses. I’ve never had any weight issues before, so dieting is new to me and I now realise how hard it is. I need to get past the first stone barrier and maintain it! x

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      it is really heard work isn’t it! i am with you Karen! we can do this! and if you see me ‘tweet’ about chocolate please feel free to shout at me! i will be updating how i am doing every week that way i cant hide!

  9. That’s a brilliant steady weight loss Jaime, sorry to read about the Symp.Pub, my friend has it after having twins later in life and suffers daily.
    I’ve never been on a “diet” as such but in the new year am trying something I’ve wanted to do for a while, not so much to lose weight although I think I will but for even better general health so will see how it goes! As my daughter will be starting nursery in mid Jan I will hopefully get time to exercise which is what I miss.
    Happy New Year xxx

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Has your friend found anything that offers her any kind of relief?

      What exercise are you planning to do in January? I have to admit although there are the benefits to the exercise i do also love the ‘Jaime’ time it give me too.

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