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A Big Blogging Shout Out!

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This year has seen me finally take the plunge into blogging after a long time of just being a snooper and hider on other people’s blogs.

I want to give my first shout of thanks to Vicky  from Verily, Victoria Vocalises and Emma from The Cycling Mummy  who were my very first contacts from the BritMums Newbie Group, they have held my hand and shown me the way through the maze that is blogging and they continue to inspire me. Ladies I will be eternally grateful!

Ember from Purple Crazy Mum’s Blog, you are my cyber sister and are most avid commenter and liker of my posts (even the rubbish ones!). I am looking forward to seeing you at Britmums and if we end up sharing a room you have been warned …. I snore!

Now after months of being a ‘Newbie’ and after seeing many linkys there are 2 people I have to say a massive thank you to for their support when I first joined their amazing linkys (by support I mean my continual email/twitter questions about what I needed to do to enter) Mummy Barrow I LOVE your Ranty Friday linky!! And I would be lost without my weekly rant! Charlotte from The Crumby Mummy your Fun Photo Fun linky is great! And thank you for adding me to a new group on Facebook recently for bloggers in my area! With your linkys I have gained many new followers and received lots of lovely comments from your followers too (big hugs ladies)

Karen from Woman Wife and Mum thank you for always being the one person I can tag in a Meme and you will complete it in a flash! Your blog is amazing and inspirational! I don’t comment enough and will endeavour to comment more in the New Year!

Talking of Memes I would like to thank Suzanne from 3 Children and It who has tagged me recently in some great Memes. I love them and when having a bit of a block on what to post next they are great at taking the pressure off and allow me to talk just about me! (BONUS)

Thank you Leyla from This Day I Love for being my partner in brussel sprout crime! I still have yet to think of a sprouty name for our gang! You’re on going tweets and blog comments are fantastic and really cheer me up. Your blog concept is lovely too you’re always so positive!

Mocha Beanie Mummy, thank you for hosting Silent Sunday, by linking up not only have I received some lovely comments I have been able to show some blog loving to others.  I have also been able to take some time to reflect on the pictures I have taken in the week and to show one off!

Sarah from The Puffin Diaries and Nichola from F.A.B Forty Mum you both have such amazing blogs and are so honest and all your posts come straight from the heart! No matter what crisis you may be going through you both amaze me! Although I do visit I don’t always comment and I will certainly make a New Year’s Resolution to spend more time over on your blogs and to comment more! (I am a bad follower, you may disown me if you wish *hangs head in shame*)

Although I am going to pretty much end all my blog loving there, I do have many followers that take the time to comment on posts, as there are way too many of you I cant really name you all as I will still be here tomorrow! I want you all to know that I am so grateful that you take the pity time and you come across and comment, tweet or email me, without your comments and tweets I have no doubt I would be lacking in the sanity department! SO LOVE TO YOU ALL!

My final shouts go to my kids for just being them, my mum for her continued blog support (and not thinking I was mad to blog in the first place) and to Ollie who even when he intermittently became a blogging widow he is very patient! Ollie I make a promise to you to  organise myself better so you don’t become a blogging widow in 2013!

I am going to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU TO YOU ALL and to wish you all:


This is to be my final blog post until the New Year so I can spend more quality Christmas time with my family (I am sure you all understand). I will no doubt still be flitting round commenting on your blog posts, tweeting or trying to build my Facebook blog page (shh don’t tell the hubby)

This is a blog hop from the lovely Angie from Cakes Photo Life  if any of my blogging chums would like to enter please click here


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