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Fun Photo Fun – Cuddles

I have been linking up with the lovely Charlotte over at The Crumby Mummy for the last few weeks for her linky Fun Photo Fun and Joshua and this week we are back with Cuddles!!

Although my little man has always been fairly cuddly, his cuddle giving this week has gone into hyper drive!  (maybe its the festive season effecting him?)

We love cuddles they are so much FUN!



The Day I Became Jaime Oliver


I know this happened a few months before my blogging ways kicked in but I wanted to enlighten my lovely followers at just how mad the Oliver’s are!

Throughout my pregnancy with Joshua Ollie proposed several times, mainly with Haribo rings and at the insistence we should be married before our new addition arrived. I have to say I was not elated over the thought of wedding pictures when I was the size of 2 houses!  So we kind of joked about it but left it well alone.

After the birth of Joshua we went away for a few days to Whitby where an idea was formed. We both loved Whitby and thought of getting married there was quite exciting! However neither Ollie nor I actually like being the centre of attention and after much deliberation we decided to do it but with no one knowing!

I know some of you may think we were a little cruel, however the thought of being the centre of attention made us both sick and we had both been married previously and had the big white wedding that neither of us wanted.

So in June/July 2011 we planned our secret wedding! I have to say it was a logistical nightmare as we are approximately 2 hours away and we needed accommodation, photographer, hair and makeup!

I have to say that once we had our fantastic photographer in place (Rob Smith) and my hair and makeup artist (Helen Guy) we were rocking and rolling and they were so helpful!  Without these 2 we would have been lost, not only did they do a fantastic job they were also our witnesses (who we still can’t thank enough)!

Fitting Beth for her outfit I have to say was the scariest moment of all for me, I measured her in March for her custom made dress and made out I was taking measurements for any reasonably priced school uniform I could find (as she started secondary school in September) The dress arrived in May and then I was in total melt down! .. How was I doing to get her to try it on before we travelled to Whitby without letting the cat out of the bag??  It went something like this:

Me “Beth can you remember me telling you about that very posh wedding we are going to in August?”

Beth “No”

Me “you must remember it’s going to be very very posh”

Beth “No”

Me “Well never mind, we are going to this very very posh wedding and instead of a boring dress off the rack I have had a dress made for you. Do you want to try it on?”

Beth “OMG YES!”

Once the dress was on:

Beth “OMG it’s gorgeous”

Me “it is very beautiful”

Beth “it looks like a bridesmaid dress!”

Me “No it doesn’t!”

With that she was excited about the POSH POSH wedding in August!

We Left for Whitby on Saturday 9th June and on arriving we finally told Beth that we were going to get married while we were there! To say she was gobsmacked would be an understatement!

The Sunday and the Monday I was struck down with a tummy bug so didn’t move from the apartment and I did think at one point getting married wouldn’t be an option, however when I woke on the Tuesday I was feeling much better!! (I could have cried with relief)

The whole day was fantastic! I was so calm and Rob and Helen were amazing! After getting married we then went to the beach and had some picture taken. Once finished we went back to the apartment and phoned our parents (who took the news fantastically well!)


wedding120612 1

wedding 3

wedding 5

We finished off with Fish and Chips at the Magpie and it couldn’t have been more perfect for us!

The Oliver’s certainly don’t do things conventionally and once again proves the Oliver’s house is certainly a MADHOUSE!

Please feel free to pop over to our lovely Photographer Rob’s Post about our Wedding 🙂 click HERE

All These Photos are copyrighted by Rob Smith


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