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Ranty Friday – Dr’s Appointments

on 14/12/2012

It’s that time of the week again where I am linking up with the lovely Mummy Barrow for the Ranty Friday post and by god it couldn’t have come at a better time!

It actually started last week as my little man suffers with eczema and has regular flare ups at the backs of his knees and the crooks of his elbows.  Up until this point we have always been able to control it so it hasn’t really affected him greatly. This time it has been so bad he has scratched till he was bleeding little rivers!

So last week I booked him an appointment with our local GP and off we went (to even get an appointment is a bonus) Joshua’s appointment was for 10.10am and we arrived at 10.05am. Now the first 15 minutes over our allocated time slot he was starting to agitated and was beginning to get louder  … by 40 minutes late  he was terrorising the other patients and his behaviour  ranged from giving them a cuddle to trying to steal the magazine’s they were reading.

By the time Joshua went in to his appointment 55 minutes late, to say I was stressed would be an understatement and as the Dr is so nice it made it a whole lot harder!

I had to take him back this week so the Dr could see how his eczema was doing. I was nervous about the possibility of the Dr Over running his appointment time again.. could he?? .. it seemed he could!



45 minutes late this time! During this time Joshua threw the toys across the waiting area, too many times to count, ripped 6 magazines, pulled another toddlers boot off, slide up and down the seats like a slide over 100 times, knocked on 4 different Dr’s doors, threw himself on the floor in a fit of rage a dozen times and then finally after strapping him back into the pushchair we were called in, to be greeted with I knew you must be here as Joshua is my last patient and I could hear him outside…..


Yes my son was loud and boisterous and thoroughly pissed off, he was due for his sleep at 12.30 and wasn’t seen on time which meant he was beyond fed up!

Why do we bother fighting to get an appointment in the first place only to be made to wait an excessively long time to see the Dr! thank god my step dad is a Pharmacist so don’t go to the Dr’s that often as any minor ailment we head to our local Chemists for help!

Yes you are Dr’s that does not mean you time is more precious than mine; it does not mean you can be rude to us for our children losing the will to live and becoming frustrated.

No doubt if we were all late for our appointments with you, you would be pissed off!

So please please please stop treating us like idiots and treat us with a little more respect.



24 responses to “Ranty Friday – Dr’s Appointments

  1. […] to comment on a blog, recently about how we use coconut oil to treat Big Girl’s eczema, on The Oliver’s Madhouse blog, when Jaime blogged about her son’s visit to the doctor for […]

  2. I am TOTALLY with you on this one. I remember a time when there was no appointment system and we had to go in and wait our turn and I am certain we didn’t have to wait as long as we do now! My doctors always runs late – my appointment last Monday was half an hour late and i felt just like Joshua did!! Maybe we should all start making a noise, maybe then they will do something about it!!

  3. northernmum says:

    we spend a lot of time in doctors waitings room and I frequently feel the stare of the hacked off elderly lady next to me! I have three to contend with so triple stress time!

  4. So annoying to have to wait like that with a small one. I’ve been lucky mostly our doctors tend to run close to time. Our last doctors also used to run a special surgery every day just for kids and you could just turn up although you might still have to wait. My youngest used to suffer really badly with eczema but he’s mostly grown out of it now. We used a natural lavender product that worked quite well and I still use it for massages. I’ll DM you on twitter with it when I find it. Hope things improve for him soon. xx

  5. I don’t actually think it’s fair to make small children wait in germ filled waiting rooms with other people harboring all sorts of lurgies, also spreading possible lurgies themselves. I know doctors get busy, and they have to fit a lot of patients in, but to be nearly an hour behind, is not acceptable. I have gotten stroppy at my doctor’s surgery before (and they are all lovely, and generally are very good) but when you’ve been sitting with a potentially unwell child, who has lost all patience and is fed up of waiting and is starting to climb the walls, you get a little cross. We had to wait nearly an hour for Small Boy to be seen recently (for a mysterious rash) we arrived at 10am for a 10:10 appointment, and weren’t seen until 1105am. I know that we are lucky to have a free NHS and all that, but it isn’t fair that we have to turn up on time or risk missing our slot, yet they can keep us waiting for an hour.
    I’m a pediatric nurse by trade, so I’ve seen both sides. Trying to run a clinic or ward, get everything done, make sure all your patients needs are met in a timely fashion, whilst working against the clock, and I’ve been a parent of a sick child waiting for an appointment. It’s pants either way.

    Out of interest, we are using a combo of raw, cold pressed coconut oil then a layer of Diprobase on my 6 year old’s eczema, and it seems to clear it up and keep it at bay. It was suggested to me by a friend, after we had tried all the ointments and even a mild steroid. She also gets sore, almost ripping her skin off with itching spots.

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      we have tried everything known to man and beast but nothing lasts the distance. it all works for a few weeks/months then he seems to flare up again. We did try Diprobase on its own but not with coconut oil, have you blogged about it? i would be interested in reading if so?

      • I haven’t. It’s on my list of topics, I just need to get some links and stuff together and write it up. We used the coconut oil on the sore areas (it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal) and then let it soak in, then cover it with a layer of diprobase. The diprobase seems to seal it in. Within 2 weeks it had cleared up last winter (it’s worse in the winter) we’d actually booked to see the GP for a referral to a dermatologist, but when she saw how the coconut oil had worked, she was so impressed she told us to keep it up. She also did a bit of reading and found some research from Australia and the US on the use of coconut oil improving eczema and psoriasis in a number of cases. It;s a horrible thing, makes them so sore and itchy, eczema! 😦

      • Jaime Oliver says:

        ok daft question … where do i get coconut oil from? i am certainly going to try this!

      • Health food shops. It’s about £7 a jar, but it lasts for ages, and a little goes far. Cold pressed, raw. If you ask, most health food shops can point you to it.

      • Jaime Oliver says:

        lovely thanks for that i am not going to stress myself out by venturing into town next week but i do have to go in town inbetween christmas and new year so will see if i can track some down, i may even internet shop tonight 😉 … dont tell the hubby tho! lol

      • I’m actually writing my blog post about coconut oil, and what we use it for. I’ve linked back to you.

      • Jaime Oliver says:

        thanks so much, its on my shopping list this week 🙂

  6. Totally agree with you on this one! It drives me crazy how long we have to wait to even get an appointment then turn up early just to wait around even longer! Longest I’ve waited at ours is an hour and a half.. Yet if we are 15 minutes late at our surgery we don’t get seen and have to rebook!

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      i dont understand how it bloody happens, yes running a few minutes over is understandable but i am never in there longer than my 10 minute slot and i am sure many others aren’t either!

      • Me neither, last time I waited 30 minutes after my appointment time.. I was the first appointment of the day! And I turned up 15 minutes early! Im barely in there 5 minutes normally =/

  7. Lady Briggs says:

    I have had a similar experience with two children in tow and 55 mins late for our appointment but luckily the first thing the Dr did when we walked into the room was apologise – only thing was I then felt like I couldn’t vent my frustration?! Hopefully you won’t need to go again for a while 🙂

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      I think thats why i was so cross, he is so lovely and nothing is too much trouble but he really needs to improve his time keeping!! Will keep our fingers crossed for no more illness or ailments for a while 🙂

  8. Stir Crazy Toddler says:

    HIDEOUS. You have my every sympathy, have been there so many times. And now I have two under-threes it’s even worse! All those signs up saying “Please stop your children running up and down the corridor” drive me mad when all they have to entertain them are a few manky old books! (At least my little one still can’t walk…YET!). x

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      i can only wish you all immensely good health so you dont need to go!!

      I cant imagine how bad it would be with 2! i wanted to cry with just one, and the grumpy other sods in there that look down their noses at you! x

  9. Mummy Barrow says:

    oh for heavens sake. That is dreadful. And there is no excuse. We have it drummed in to us that the appointment is only 10 minutes so how can they get SO behind. Not on.

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