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Fun Photo Fun – Sun Shades in Winter

I have been linking up with the lovely Charlotte over at The Crumby Mummy for the last few weeks for her linky Fun Photo Fun and I am pleased to say last week I was picked as the Favourite with Fun Photo Fun – New Foods … Yay!

This last week Joshua has been obsessed with his sun glasses (I know it’s – degrees out there folks) He has even been that obsessed with them he has bumped into things due to his refusal to remove them! Although he has now learnt to lift one up while he is walking (now that’s progress)

What I do find amusing is I spent the whole summer trying to put these bloody blighters back on every 3 seconds and now in the coldest weather snap so far this year he won’t remove them!




Here’s hoping that next summer he will be just as taken with them!


Meme – Christmas


I have just been tagged by the amazing Nichola from over at F.A.B at Forty  to carry on the Christmas themed Meme.

As most of you know I bloody love Christmas so I couldn’t wait to start on this one!

Since we haven’t yet got our decorations up I need no excuses to partake in anything Christmassy!

So here goes…..

What is your favourite thing about Xmas?

For me it has to be several things, I love the lights and decorations, the nice food and films. However my most favorite thing is spending more quality time with my family and friends.

Whats your favourite make up look for the season?

I love smoky heavy makeup and before having children I would never be seen without heavy makeup. Although these days I barely have time to make sure I have eyebrows (years of over plucking is never good!)

Real or Fake tree?

I would absolutely LOVE to have a real tree they smell so fantastic!, but since I am a little OCD on the cleaning front I just know I would be having palpitation’s  every time a needle dropped and I would be afraid that all the extra vacuuming might just wear my poor old dyson out!

So having said I love real trees as you can guess we have a fake tree! (Less mess)

Giving or receiving presents?

I am a giver, I absolutely love buying and wrapping gifts although as some of you may know from my post 53 Days till Christmas  I am one of those annoyingly organised people who have completed their Christmas shopping weeks months before the big day.

What is your favourite Xmas film?

It’s not really a conventional  Christmas one but it is set at Christmas time – ‘The Family Stone’ it’s about a family who come together as adults and all the cock up and fighting and falling out that really happens at Christmas …. Love it!

I do also have to admit I do love the ‘Snowman’ too and already can’t wait for the 2nd one premiering on Christmas Eve ‘The Snowman and The Snow Dog’

What’s your favourite Xmas food?

TURKEY! It’s one of my all-time favs and I can’t believe we don’t have it more often! This year we are off out for lunch and much to Ollie’s annoyance I have still bought a MASSIVE turkey, which I intend to cook on Christmas Eve and then spend the next 4 days picking at it. I love making a cob out of it and one of my favourite concoctions from last year is a fresh cob, turkey, cheese and salad cream.

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