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Ranty Friday – Garages

on 07/12/2012


Today I am linking up for the first time with lovely Mummy Barrow on her Ranty Friday blog hop and I have to be honest after discovering this blog hop over the weekend I have been looking forward to it all week!! (How sad am I, however who doesn’t like a good old moan!)

So without further ado my rant this week is based on Garages!

This week we have had one of our cars in for a service and MOT and this garage has up till now been great, however I am not sure if its complacency or not but they carried out work to put it through the MOT without asking first. (who do they think they are??)

I know this to some of you may sound petty, however with only my hubby working we are really careful with our money and we budget! needless to say i was very pissed off!

When all said and done we would have had the work done but it’s the fact that when they return the car with your bill we had not been expecting anything other than the standard service and MOT cost as we had heard nothing all day about any extra work It’s like a slap in the face!

Please garages please ask first and don’t presume as we have a bottomless money pit in order to pay as you would soon be moaning if we couldn’t pay and you had done it off your own back!


10 responses to “Ranty Friday – Garages

  1. UGH! The sneaky little wotsits!

  2. Victoria says:

    It’s so hard to find a decent garage! Thankfully I have a good one – probably partly because of my profession and the fact that they will get more business off me if they do things properly! 🙂 x

  3. Mummy Barrow says:

    And dont assume that us women are clueless!! I despair being treated like an idiot when I go into a garage. or ripped off because they think they can get away with it!

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      we still have further work to have done but to be fair we are going elsewhere! The amount of money they have had out of us over the last 3-4 years i should own the bloody garage!

      I maybe a women but i am not a fool!

      Thanks for letting me link up! xx

  4. Annabel says:

    Totally agree particularly at this time of year when our finances are being stretched we do not need any surprises! I had similar experience at dentist – he nearly passed out when I said I wanted a quote before he started work so that I could budget! I am sure there is going to be more use of the ‘B’ word as we all tighten our belts! Have a merry Xmas!

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      i am pleased it wasn’t a really massive bill but i was still just furious that they took it for granted they could do it!

      I would do that too, my mum needed work doing at the dentist recently and they told her they wanted to £200 + up front first and at that she was in pain!

      Hope you have a Merry Christmas too xx

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