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Now although we do our bit of recycling, you know the paper, plastics, cardboard and glass that’s about the extent of the recycling in this household. (I know we could and should do more but its where to start?)

This last week with funds on the tight side with the run up to Christmas and a car in for service and MOT we have really tried to keep to our budget and that meant no money for any extras. .

Now this is where the problem lay as the Oliver Christmas tree only has one location that it will fit and that is where the play pen has been living for the last 9 months, and with no play pen there was nowhere to store Joshua’s toys as this is where we have been dumping them for the last few months.

So without further stress I decided on a cheaper alternative than buying a new toy box, I would raid the attic!

beforeBeth’s toy box was bought for her when she was 2 and it was a beautiful solid wooden box, age 3 Beth ‘customised’ it with felt tips and I then i subsequently painted it Barbie pink and moved it into her bedroom. As she has got older it was relegated to attic where it has since stored old paint pots and roll ends of wallpaper!

On dragging it down I really had forgotten just how pink it really was, and nearly chickened out over giving it a makeover.


It took 3 hours to sand it down and almost 5 days to give it 5 coats of undercoat (god damn that bloody pink!) then a couple of days with 2 layers of gloss and hey presto … an old but new toy box!

I am so pleased it cost us nothing (except my patience falling over the bloody thing in the kitchen) and my mum had some spare undercoat (thanks mum) and my little man loves it!


Although I am not the craftiest person and have limited patience maybe I will try this recycling lark more instead of just throwing everything out!

I also love the fact that although there is 10 years between my children they have shared something . . . the toy box!


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