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Meme – My Top Five Rant Inducers of the Moment

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After an atrociously bad week here at the Oliver’s Mad House including bumping my car, chipped windscreens, temper tantrums (from all 4 of us) to much to do and not enough hours and all the while remaining calm and with a permanently plastered on smile (through gritted teeth) my blogging Chum Suzanne from 3 Children and It sent me a blogging Meme that could not of come at a better time! … My Top Five Rant Inducers of the Moment!

Soap box here I come ….

1. Parent & Child Parking: This is my all-time goat getter!

As some of you may know since early in my pregnancy with Joshua I developed Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) it affects everything I do and I take medication daily to control the pain. Some things are made incredibly hard with this condition like picking things up and moving things (yes I am referring to my small child)

Why oh why do the lazy sods with no children think it is there god given privilege to park in these bays? Why is there need greater than mine? They are in fact designated to help parents with small children get easier access to their child due to the restrictive nature of car seats.

My ball breaker of a rant in all honesty has to be the disabled badge holders that even when there are free disabled spaces they park in parent and child bays anyway!  On one such occasion I felt brave and asked this person why they had taken the only parent and child bay when there were 6 disabled bays left that I couldn’t park in, I was told ‘ I have a blue badge I can park anywhere I like’

Hence my number one!

2. Smug Facebook Status’s & Claims from the Parenting Perfect

I am sure we have all seen them, they are the ones that update their status every 36 minutes with the perfect things their hubby, child and extended family are up too and how much they couldn’t live without them … but really who are they trying to kid??

Yes every now and again it’s nice to appreciate ones loved ones but does it have to go on Facebook and does their 1 year old really read them? And surly if they were all so damn perfect you would want to spend your time with them not sit on Facebook 24/7 playing games?? .. Maybe it’s just me? I will happily keep my crazy mixed up bunch over that any day, we have nothing to prove!
3. Cold Callers – Sod off ……. Its that simple, did I call you? No … then sod off

I have discovered recently after having been inundated with several each day through my mobile and home phone the quickest way to get rid is:

“ we are bankrupt and we private rent” saying this usually get them gone without any further utterance!
We now barely get any much to my delight.

4. Dog Poo – I push a pushchair so it has to be on my list!

Ok so I can’t blame the dogs but I can blame the owners, pick it bloody up!! Not only is it revolting and time consuming to clean down from pushchairs and shoes it can pass on infections and diseases to those who have poor immune systems or our little tots. You choose to have a dog so you HAVE to pick up its mess.

Cats are bad enough going anywhere they please but as dogs are not supposed to be just roaming you have no excuse to not pick it up … you are there!

5. Hypochondriacs – Bizarre I know .. 

I just don’t have the time for them, we all are full of ailments and issues but do we really have to make a mountain over a molehill … yes you have a head ache … that does not mean your suffering from a migraine … nor dying … nor does it mean you have to present yourself 3 times a week at the Drs to be told the same thing as every test on god’s green earth has been completed and come back with nothing for the last few years…..

Now I am hoping I will still have some followers and blogging chums left, so I am passing this one over now for some other fine blogging chums to vent.

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