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When 4 Became 3 An Update …

on 20/11/2012


Firstly I have to say thank you so much to all my lovely followers that commented on my recent post ‘When 4 became 3’. As this was such an emotional time for me I felt I wanted to post about this even though when I set my blog up I didn’t intend to pour my heart out, I did feel that there are others out there that may benefit from feeling they weren’t alone.

I have to report that Bethany is back home with us (Although her dad has told her its only for a few weeks to see how it goes) She has now returned to school and we have all sobbed buckets.

Bethany has told us not only does she feel angry most of the time she doesn’t know why, she also says she misses her dad and wants to see him more. (Since April he confirmed her will spend more time with her than the 2 days a fortnight … it’s never happened)

I have I think rightly or wrongly got the ball rolling with hopefully some support for Bethany and for us as a family to work out the problems we have.  We have requested help and should be getting the help we need soon.

I can’t tell you all how pleased I am that Bethany is home and that we can now sort things out. Although right now I am feeling very disheartened about the fact I contacted our GP and school about the problems we were having a month ago and I am still waiting for the school to fill in the relevant form to get us some support…. I will NOT give up!


19 responses to “When 4 Became 3 An Update …

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  2. I knew she’d come back to you 🙂 hopefully the GP and school pull their finger out so bethany can get the help and support she needs! She is lucky to have you as a mum and I know you will do all you can to get her through this xxx

  3. Hugs, I’m pleased to read you have all turned and corner and I hope you get the help and support you need x

  4. It must have been a really difficult time for you both but I imagine that you are overwhelmed with joy to have her home. Hopefully, you get the support you need and the situation stabilises x

  5. One day Bethany will come running to you, her strong Mum, for advice regarding her own children. She will be so grateful for all the things you do for her, all the ways you try to support her.
    How brave of you to pour your heart out! Stay strong, and hope you get the support you need asap.

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Thanks Camilla, your kind words are very much appreciated 🙂

      Its mad really as i wasn’t going to write anything about it but i know it might help others have the strength in knowing others have been through it. xx

  6. t1gerinspace says:

    So pleased things are working themselves out, even if it does take time. I guess if she doesn’t know what she’s feeling it can be frightening and difficult to decide what she wants to do. Poor thing, and poor you. Much love xx

  7. I wanted to comment on your initial post about this, but I am having such a hard time with my 9 year old son, every time I tried to type something in the comment box I started crying. I am divorced from Samuel’s dad, but Samuel has continued to have regular contact since he was 2 years old. Samuel often says that he wishes he lived with his dad. I have 2 more children now and he loves his siblings, but in all honestly I think he’d be happier without my husband here. He just sees no use for him as they don’t really spend time together. Samuel’s dad lives on his own, and I think sometimes Samuel feels sorry for him and that makes him want to live with his dad too.

    I find it heartbreaking as like you, I’ve spent 9 years doing everything for my son. It’s like a slap round the face. Samuel’s still living with me, but I allow plenty of contact with his dad, as much as possible when his dad is not working. I’m hoping that will be enough for him for the time being. Samuel has a disability you see, and in my opinion Samuel’s dad would struggle to meet all of Samuel’s needs on a full time basis.


    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Karen i really really feel your pain, its so hart breaking and i know Beth wants more time then the weekend she gets once a fortnight and i think this where the anger stems from, he promised he would take her out every week for tea and it never happened. He also never says no to anything she wants materialistically.

      Beth like Samuel i think sometimes resents Ollie being here and although she loves Joshua i think she just wants the mum and dad together like Joshua has.

      Please done stress on your own, feel free to email me anytime 🙂 xx

  8. Mummy Plum says:

    It must have been a very unsettling time for you both. I do so hope that you can now get on with establishing some ‘normality’ and that things go smoothly for you both. I imagine you must feel quite emotionally exhausted, but don’t stop pushing for the help you they say, ‘It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease’ :0)

  9. Cherry Blossom Rain says:

    Really pleased Bethany came to a decision on her own! it couldn’t of been easy for her. Lets hope you all get the support you need now and its not a long drawn out process xxx

  10. Thechristmasfox says:

    Really pleased things seem to have turned a corner for you. Hopefully school will pull their finger out soon!

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