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I cant believe that he is now 19 months, my mum has always said enjoy every minute as before you know it  it will be gone ……. mums are so right!


Are We Potty?


Well for the last couple of weeks my little man has become more than interested in the toilet habits of the rest of us. He take great joy from standing in front of me while I am in the little girls room and waiting to hear me ‘tinkling’ then laughing whole heartedly!

At first it was just me he was interested in what I did in there now it is everyone, including any visitors!

He has for about 5 weeks now been giving little indications when he is filling his nappy, (he crouches or does a bunk behind the furniture) but then comes and gets a nappy and the wipes from the draw and brings them to me and lies down.

Feeling rather brave last Friday, after his lunch I dragged the potty out from under the mound of toys it was hiding beneath and we had a try.

Now to be fair I was expecting the worst (screaming child, screaming mummy and pee all over the house) in my OCD ways this would have been a nightmare. Instead what we actually had was calm and smiles!! …. Wow

For 30 minutes my little man sat on his potty while watching children’s TV we laughed about waiting for the tinkle and we had some kisses and after a whole 30 minutes ……. Nothing!

Ok so at this stage I thought this is better than I thought, no pee, no tears let’s call it a day while the going is good.

Big Mistake!

The moment I asked Joshua if he had finished and lets get some pants (nappy) on I moved the potty and turned him round ………. The fountain of pee went everywhere.

So in my OCD mind I’m thinking – OMG PEE EVERYWHERE I NEED TO CLEAN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! …

What I actually did was laughed and clapped and wittered on about ‘yay it’s the tinkle!’ so we were surrounded in pee and were both laughing and clapping.

My worst fear at that particular moment was he would think the tinkle is bad .. When in fact the tinkle was good just not where we planned!

We will persevere and try and make potty time fun, I will just have to remember extra kitchen roll and anti bac wipes on the weekly shop!  …the things we do!


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