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Culinary Cock Up … who me?

As most of you know already having the same name as Jaime Oliver can get frustrating as let’s face it some people presume I am good in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong I am good in the kitchen doing something’s like sneaking a crafty fag out the back door, running the tumble drier at every given opportunity…. but cooking is not my forte!

As discussed in an earlier post ‘Batch Cooking … is it the way forward? I have taken on the task of batch cooking, in order to cut down on the amount of time I HAVE to spend in the kitchen cooking and to be a little more organised at ensuring we all eat more healthier home cooked food.

So I got up this morning and realised I had a few hours to spare this afternoon and thought I would spend it wisely and batch cook bolognaise. Meaning we could have spag bol tonight, lasagne on Thursday and a lasagne in the freezer next week.

Ok now all started off well and to be fair I was feeling pretty damn pleased with myself, while prepping all the ingredient’s I even managed to get Joshua fed!! . Once he went for his afternoon nap I got cracking and I have to say I was feeling really confident.

So as you can imagine I was so blowing my own trumpet when my hubby came home that tea was almost done and Thursday night’s tea was in the fridge and a tea for next week was in the freezer.

This is when disaster struck we sat down to eat the spag bol when I glanced down and saw a kidney bean???

Normally I use just cans of  tomatoes, garlic, onions and seasoning, however I thought I would pad the veg out and add courgettes and a couple of peppers finely chopped (or tomorrow I would have to bin them) so this is why I was concerned over the kidney bean?? (We all HATE them) Then it finally dawned on me that as I had run out of cans of tomatoes so I had used a couple of jars of bolognaise sauce, or were they? ….. Nope they were indeed chilli con carne!

I do have to say that it was rather nice just not what I had expected, however I am more concerned about the lasagne we are supposed to be eating on Thursday!! It is obviously now a chilli lasagne and an overcooked one at that!!

I think I may be better served doing what I do best in the kitchen, sneaking a crafty fag out the back door and turning the tumble drier on!

Does Jamie Oliver make these kinds of cock ups? …. It seems I do!


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