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The Worst Holiday Ever ……..

on 27/10/2012

As some of you will know over the last 3 months as a family we have had a tougher time than normal. My husband had major hip surgery back in August (aged 31) this op is only to prolong the need for full hip replacements. So when the sun holiday tokens came out again and the last week before my hubby’s return to work was available we couldn’t wait, sea air, fish and chips and some quality Oliver Family time.  We even cracked it with the ‘Holiday Packing’ How wrong could we be?!

A Couple of days before we left the tumble drier packed up and then the following day the central heating packed up. After some cajoling I managed to get 3 out of the 9 working …. Was this a sign of things to come??

On Monday after a 2 ½ hour journey through thick fog I was already beginning to feel the apprehension building in the pit of my stomach. First destination was Bridlington ……. It was throwing it down! …. Ok we can deal with that however lunch was awful (the food was great) my daughter was not! Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter with all my heart however she is at the in-between age of 11 and her attitude of late is becoming very testing. Throughout lunch a permanent scowl had taken up position along with 1 grunt or 2 in place of answers.

Next stop …… the Reighton Sands Caravan.

Disappointment would be a very slight understatement. I swear that ‘Heinz’ was imprinted on the front! Just to clarify we have been on the ‘sun’ holidays before at haven sites and the caravans have all in the past been more than reasonable, this was dreadful. Ok I know we don’t own a cat however a small child does take more room!

In their wisdom it had been decided that we could manage a small 2 bedroom caravan with 2 adults, a hormonal pre-teen and a little tot. First drama … where to fit a travel cot?? Only one option would physically fit in the small double twin room with one bed moved to on top of the other. Now the only option as no bed space in the little room for Beth is to put Beth in the double ..…. Leaving me and the Hubby on living room seating!

Next came the realisation that the fog had not lifted and we have the worst view on the camp site! Image

The following few days passed by in a blur of pre-teen hormones, mud, rain, fog, foul moods and the cloying sense of claustrophobia that was felt with anytime spent in our ‘Heinz’ caravan.

Things not improving with the shocking lack of sleep we snatched while trying to get comfy on the dreadful living room seating.  (Not quite sure why we though it was clever with hubby’s recent hip operation and my on-going Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction  we both were in agony most of each day).

By Wednesday no one was talking to each other we were wet through, in agony (In mine and hubby’s case) fed up of only seeing the fog and as the mud was slowly covering just about every item of clothing we had packed along with covering the entire interior of the car ….. The Oliver’s had had enough! We packed up a day early and left for home first things Thursday morning.

This is by far the worst holiday we have ever had! We have now been home 2 days and the good news is all the Oliver’s are now speaking! The washing is still on-going … the heating is being looked at next week and the tumble dryer is being fixed Monday….. Roll on Monday for school and work to return and for some routine to enter this crazy madhouse!


18 responses to “The Worst Holiday Ever ……..

  1. Mrs Fox says:

    Oh no, that picture says it all!

  2. Yumski says:

    That view is unbelievable – you poor things!!

  3. That view is so miserable! I’m suprised they even sell that spot on the campsite! You poor thing. Nothing worse than looking forward to something, then having such a rubbish time.

  4. Mummy Plum says:

    Oh you poor things. I sounds dreadful. There is nothing worse than turning up to your accommodation and feeling that sinking feeling. Add in miserable weather, hormones and illness, and well…all you do want to do is go home! I feel for you too with the PSD. I am suffering with that at the moment, and it can really make you miserable. Glad that you’re home and warm again :0)

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Thank you, why is it that look forward to your holiday so much but the one holiday you are super excited about lets you down !!

      I hope your not suffering too much the the evil PSD !! i am 18 months post pregnancy and my only option is surgical (although they want to wait till i am in my 40’s to do anything) have you had any physio? are you finding anything in specific that helps?

  5. Sounds absolutely horrendous and I can feel your pain because we had a holiday from Hell in the Summer hols. Ours was also in a caravan, although nothing much was wrong with the caravan or site or weather. My kids were just a nightmare from start to finish. Reading your post made my shoulder tense as I could feel the stress of the situation. It is just awful when you go away with the expectation of enjoying some quality family time and a bit of relaxation but instead you get a living nightmare. It may still be too soon, but hopefully one day you will laugh about it, I know I’m still not quite there.

  6. Oh dear! That does not sound like fun at all 😦 bless you all, hopefully things get back to ‘normal’ for you x

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Thanks honey, things will get better once the tumble drier repair person arrives and the plumber to fix the heating! then we can get the mud caked clothes washed and dried 🙂 xx

  7. We have a sun holiday booked for march. Ive done 2 before, one good one bad. Lets just say im crossing my fingers!

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      Bless i will keep my fingers crossed for you, if the weather this march is anything to go by then it should be good. Are you going to one you haven’t visited before this time?

  8. Jaime Oliver says:

    The next holiday is booked! – Majorca next June, hopefully this one will be better, its a special one as it was paid for when my hubby’s grandma sadly passed away. It can only get better! 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh, what a holiday!! (although I use the term holiday very loosely!!). Beth sounds like she is becoming a teenager before her time but I am certain kids are becoming that way much earlier these days! I am sure next time you go away it will all be much easier 🙂 xx

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