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Holiday Packing….

on 11/10/2012

Right that time of year has come again the October half term is one week in the year we try to get away, normally on a

‘Sun £9.50’ holiday! Although lets be honest by the time you have paid all the extras is never just the £9.50!

This year we are really excited about the trip away as my poor hubby has spent the last 10-11 weeks recuperating after a major hip operation and after weeks and weeks of no routine in the house and us both falling over each other, fish and chips and fresh sea air is needed! …… The problem now lies with the thought of the holiday packing!

The problem actually starts before we even go away i have to clean the house top to bottom (just in case any burglar gets in and thinks we are scruffy!) and to get the ironing pile (that is now so large it winks at me when i pass by) finished in order to actually pack anything! ….my husband thinks i am mad !

Now packing is something i have always hated and this has developed into a full blown fear since having the kids … god forbid i forget anything! I always pack 10 days before we go (just in case i remember anything i had originally forgotten) and we always end up taking enough clothing to clothe the the entire county i am sure, however the actual packing really does give me palpitations!

This year i have decided to change things, one giant suitcase and if it doesn’t fit we don’t take it!. I am also packing for comfort this holiday as i always pack the whole family some ‘smart’ outfits ………….WHY?? we play on the beach, visit local sites, eat fish and chips and go swimming! ….. do we need half the clothes to be ‘smart’ clothes?? NO we don’t! so this time they aren’t coming,

Is it just a women thing to get stressed over packing for a holiday? i spend countless hours/days stressing …… aren’t holidays about having fun? why cant the build up to the holiday be fun too?


7 responses to “Holiday Packing….

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  3. Gherkin says:

    I hate packing but not as much as I hate unpacking! Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh! It does not help when Mr G bangs on about how “his” packing takes about 10 minutes and I stare incredulously at him knowing I have to pack for myself and 2 kids and remember all the boring stuff like towels, hand luggage stuff and food AND put his stuff in the actual case! RRRRRRRRRaaaahhhhhhhh I am getting wound up even now! Good luck with yours!

    • Jaime Oliver says:

      My hubby is defo the same, his 20 items is not like all our stuff and like you say the ‘boring stuff’!

      I have yet still not started eeck!

  4. Ahh I’m the same! Cleaning ironing and packing for 3 people (OH is made to do his own). The build up to the holiday used to be great fun…that was before we had to be responsible for boring serious things as opposed to grabbing the bucket and spade and wondering what toys to take! It would be interesting to read a follow up post on how much of the stuff you took you actually used and what you needed but didn’t take?
    Enjoy your holiday, I hope you feel well rested on your return x

  5. Jaime Oliver says:

    lol this time no more ‘extra outfits!’ ……. well maybe one 😉

  6. victoria welton says:

    I am EXACTLY like this when it comes to holiday packing down to making sure the house is clean and always bringing at least 5 outfits that don’t get used – and I never learn! ‘What if’ always seems to enter my thoughts!

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